Our Vision is to provide learning solutions to help people who feel stuck in their lives, careers, and business to Evolve to Succeed.

We will help people globally to grow, prosper and inspire.


Xperiential Factor provides experiential training and coaching solutions to help our clients  with personal, team and business transformation.

We are experts in Human Resources; Training Design & Facilitation; Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life, Career, Team & Business Coaching; & Mentoring. We are passionate about developing the skills, knowledge and abilities required to transform the lives of individuals, uplift our communities and combat unemployment in South Africa.

We provide Personal Mastery Programmes; designing content, hosting and facilitating Personal Mastery workshops.

We design learning solutions for small, medium and large businesses; to assist with Employee development, Health & Well-being; Team Cohesion, Productivity, Performance and Prosperity.

Our learning solutions are practical, experiential and aimed at improving where you are to where you want to be. We have a blended learning approach to achieve the desired learning outcomes and improve learning stickiness. We provide a variety of coaching solutions to help with the achievement of personal and professional goals.

At Xperiential Factor we believe that when it comes to training, everyone brings their experience to the learning. It’s when you tap into this experience that skills and effectiveness are amplified. When learners have fun while learning, they remember and apply what they have learned.

We create solutions that enable our clients to

Evolve to Succeed


Asheka CollinsAsheka is the Managing Director and founder of Xperiential Factor. She is a business leader with strong expertise in Human Resources, Training Development, and Coaching. In the Position, Group OD Executive at Oceana, she led the change management process for the ERP (SAP) system, implemented successfully in May 2018. She steered the successful implementation of the enhanced talent and performance management systems. Asheka has in-depth experience in the Financial Services Industry, having worked at Standard Bank (11 years) and Nedbank (4 years). She successfully led the development and implementation of the people strategy for the business units in her portfolio.  

She is passionate about skills development helping individuals, teams, and business transform from where they are; to where they want to be.  She successfully implemented coaching and mentoring programs in the corporate sector. She is a seasoned coach and mentor, helping individuals, teams, and leaders achieve their desired outcomes. She has successfully scoped, designed, and developed HR and Training Solutions for various companies from small, medium to large enterprises.  The projects range from experiential training programs, climate studies, change management, leadership development, and team effectiveness workshops. She enjoys facilitating strategic and team sessions; guiding the leaders and team with clear, tangible outcomes at the end of each session.

She holds a BCOM Human Resources Degree from UNISA majoring in Industrial Psychology. She is certified in Coaching for Growth, NLP Practitioner and life-Coach, Flawless Consulting, Facilitation, Organisational development, ADKAR and Barrett Values. She has over 20 years of corporate experience as an HR Practioner and has held senior roles in the financial services and FMCG sector.

She is an expert in:

  • Human Resources,
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Training Design & Facilitation;
  • Leadership and Team Development
  • Talent and Performance Management
  • Change Management
  • Well-Being and Culture Initiatives
  • Neuro linguistic programming
  • Life, Team & Business Coaching
  • Mentoring


Gareth LeeGareth is the Innovation and Technology Director of Xperiential factor.

He’s been in the cycling industry for 29 years. He spent a significant portion of his career managing events, teaching product knowledge, selling and servicing clients. He is an expert in web-design, creating digital learning solutions and learning tools that will help individuals, teams and business achieve their training and development goals.

He consistently delivers exceptional results to clients and is highly regarded for his innovative solutions and can-do attitude.

He is passionate about teaching the art of Performance Excellence to help clients achieve their desired outcomes. The key pillars of this model is: 

1.Visualising a clear image of the results that you want to achieve.

2.Feeling excited about achieving this outcome..

3.Ensuring that you have strategies, tools and a support system in place to achieve great results.

4.Taking consistent action to achieve your goals.

5.He encourages you to be relentless in the pursuit of your goals, saying that by taking consistent action, achieving is inevitable.

He believes that everyone requires support from a coach, a leader, family, and members on your team to reach your our goals and dreams. Individuals, teams and company growth suffered when relationships are strained.

Xperiential Factor was the perfect fit as it gave him the opportunity to fully utilise his knowledge, skills, and experience.

He ensures that Xperiential Factor’s on-line HR, Training and Coaching Solutions and tools deliver the experience and results that our clients expects from us.


Our HR, Training, and Coaching services are provided by a network of professionals to enable individuals, teams, and businesses to transform and succeed. Each consultant is an expert in his/her field dedicated to delivering exceptional results and service to our clients. Through effective consultation, we understand our client’s needs and recommends solutions that deliver high-performance results. We are committed to providing solutions that are creative, experiential, practical, and energising. We operate as a virtual team throughout South Africa.