You have the X-Factor

Experience your greatness, become what you’ve always imagined for yourself, your team and business.


You have the X-FACTOR!

It’s time to focus on you, tap into your power of self-love, let love flow and transform all areas of your life with magical experiences. Xperiential Factor’s Coaching, Personal Mastery, and Team Transformation programs will help you achieve the results you want.

Transform with love & Light

TRAINING experiences that will enrich your life

Personal Mastery

Your ability to love you first and letting it flow to all areas of your life with amazing results. -XPF
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A Transformed Team;

relates, communicates and trusts one another explicitly in the pursuit of common goals. - XPF
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Leadership Essentials

are the principles and tools every leader need to Empower People, Transform the Organisation & Achieve Results. - XPF
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is a developmental process that guides clients from where they are to where they want to be. -XPF
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Collaboration Network

Collaborate with like minded people with the aim of Supporting, Growing and Succeeding Together. -XPF
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Live Events

Training, Speaking Experts, Facilitation and Networking
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HELPING you live purposefully with love and light

We are thrilled to welcome you to Xperiential Factor.

Our mission in life is to help people improve their lives, with knowledge, skills, and practices that will amplify their God-given talents.

Sometimes we are oblivious to our gifts and allow life’s circumstances to have its way with us. We stress and struggle to survive.

We have learned that to transform your life you have to start with three simple actions;

1)Accept that you have the X-factor and all you need to succeed.

2) Focus on you. By doing the internal work required you will shift from where you are

        to where you want to be.

3) Tap into the power of Self-love. When you do, love will flow to all areas of your life.

We will share practical strategies, technologies, and tools with you that will help you realise your dreams.

You can achieve everything you have imagined towards your well-being, spirituality, chosen career path, relationships, and financial abundance.

It’s never too late to transform your life, your team, and your business. We look forward to working with you

With love and light

Asheka and Gareth

Asheka and Gareth
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