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Learn about the latest resources designed to empower leaders during these uncertain times.

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We design custom experiential learning experiences that help Leaders reach their goals

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Why we do what we do?

“As the founder of Xperiential Factor, I am passionate about HR, Organisational Development, Training and Coaching.

I grew up in Corporate and understand the requirements of individuals, teams, and businesses to grow and achieve results.

When there is no alignment between the Self, the Team or the Business frustration levels are high; and desired results are elusive or inconsistent.”

– Asheka

Why should you focus on Self-Mastery, Team Cohesion and Business Growth?

In my + 20 years of experience in Corporate HR, specifically in the frontline businesses, as an HR Executive, I have learned 3 Powerful lessons that impact self-mastery/leadership, team cohesion and business growth.

I have learned that we don’t pay sufficient attention to individual development, teamwork, and the applications of learnings in the workplace to ensure consistent growth and the achievement of strong results.

These observations and lessons inspired me to design and implement people initiatives and programmes to help businesses achieve their preferred outcomes.

I am passionate about what I do and want to help as many leaders as possible achieve satisfaction and success.

– Asheka

What our Clients are saying

Join us today to achieve Leadership Transformation that will get you business results

Transformation Takes Time

We provide measurable outcomes that will transform the way you do business one goal at a time.

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