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You can achieve your vision with 7 simple steps

You can achieve your vision with seven simple steps. Often our dreams feel big and unsurmountable. And even as we long for them the enormity of it oftentimes stops us from even trying. Big is beautiful and when you break it up into manageable goals, you will succeed. The seven simple steps will help you achieve what you’ve always wanted.

Step 1: Break your vision up

If your vision feels too big, break it up into three parts. Visualize each piece so that you have the entire image of your dreams and goals.


Your goal may be that you want 1) to be a priest and 2) build your churches in multiple cities, 3) with a congregation of over 100 000 members in each church.

Step 2 Focus on part one of your vision

Focus only on part one! Be specific on what part one entails. In this example, you will focus on how to become a priest. What credentials do you need to become a priest? Is there a minister who has done something similar; who can give you some insights? Are you clear on what it will mean for you to be a priest? Who can you invite to a bible study or a church session to start spreading your gospel?

Step 3 Make a list of what you need

Keep making a list of what you need to do to move towards the first part of your goal. You will gradually move away from your existing reality towards your dream of being a priest.

Step 4 Enjoy the process of learning

Enjoy the process of learning and discovering more about your chosen profession. You must allow yourself the time to learn and grow. Quick results don’t necessarily equate to success.

Take deep breaths and acknowledge every step of progress that you make. Celebrate each tiny victory knowing that these will lead to significant successes.

Tap into the power of prayer. God knows what you need. Let go of control and surrender to a higher power. Its when we think we know everything and don’t ask for help that our struggles amplify.

Step 5 Solve every problem in the way of your vision

Find a solution for every possible problem that you encounter. I encourage you to find ten possible solutions to each issue that you face. The more ways you try to solve one problem, the more solution focussed you become. Soon it won’t matter what the problem is; you will always have an answer to keep moving powerfully in the direction of your vision.

Step 6 Remain Self-aware

Manage your mindset, energy, and emotion as you take action. That voice in your head has got to go! Train your conscious mind to focus on positive thoughts and actions. Become self-aware of your negative self-talk and reframe your thoughts and words. For example, ‘I ‘m good enough.’ Change it to ‘I’m good enough and talented.’ It is essential to keep a watchful eye on your self-talk and limiting beliefs. Allow the divine source to flow through you as you connect to your vision.

Step 7 Create what you really want

You must believe in your dreams and address negative beliefs or CDs that get in your way. With empowering beliefs, words, and actions, your subconscious mind creates the reality that you crave.

If you continue to fail – ask yourself, why am I failing? How can I improve things for myself? Go back to your vision is this really what you want? If it is, check-in with your emotions. Are your feelings hijacking you and distorting your vision? Stop pushing, pulling, and controlling. Seek out the silence, pray and meditate. Let God guide you and when you are clearer, follow your instincts.

It’s simpler than you think

Sometimes things are more straightforward than we think. When you break your dream up into smaller parts, you allow yourself to connect, grow, and realize your dream. Always ask yourself, “What do I need to achieve my goal/s?” Wayne Dyer used to say, contemplate yourself as being surrounded by the conditions that you wish to produce.

Grow your finances to achieve your vision

It is essential to acknowledge that finances are important for your well-being and that of your family.  But instead of letting your worry about finances stop you from pursuing your dream, why not grow your funds. Allow your current job to pay for your side-hustle until you can do it full-time. Or find other ways to earn an income doing what you’re good at until you get to do what you love.

We live in a time when instant gratification plays a significant role in our lives. But if you are patient with yourself, you will learn, grow, and succeed.

Be open to your vision

All the spiritual gurus will tell you that it is not about struggling and striving either. You don’t have to live out of your car and lose until there is nothing left of you. Instead, it is about being open to your path to God’s guidance and in having faith that it will all work out.

When you allow yourself to focus on part one of your vision, progressing to parts two and three flows almost instantaneously, it is always the first step that’s the hardest to master, but once you’ve learned the principles of success, nothing will stop you. It takes courage but you can do it.

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