The power of five actions to embrace your light

The power of five actions to embrace your light

Sometimes when we are lonely and in darkness, we fail to see the light of our being.

Often the intense pain you feel rests at the hands of your inner critic, your Ego.

Our pain comes from the stories we claim, the heartbreak we cling to, and the choices we make.   

And yet it can all change at a drop of a hat. You can let go of the pain and embrace your light with the power-of-five-actions.

1. Listen to your heart.

2. Choose the strong stories woven throughout your life.

    Remember and claim them. You have accomplished so much already.

3. Love with abundance starting with you.

4. Let go of the heartbreak, forgive, and let go of the shackles that keep you stuck.

5. Remember you are love and light.

By applying the power-of-five-actions into your daily routine will enable you to transform your life.  It will help you achieve what your desire most in your life.

With love and light


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