You just stand

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I love the Oprah magazine and one of the best “What I know for sure” write up of Oprah is in the February 2013 issue. My take out was that when life feels though and you have done all you can and wonder if you will get through it all? The best thing to do is to just Stand. These words gave me allot of courage and as January has sped along to a close and I see all my goals for 2013 in front of me, I feel strong for with determination in my spirit, a gratitude consciousness and faith in my heart and being, I feel exhilarated that my dreams are within reach and I feel blessed. Thank you Lord for your guidance and wisdom. Inspiration is truly everywhere when you look for it. I gained allot of courage and wisdom from the January and February issues of O-magazine. Thank you Oprah. Your die hard fan foreverĀ 

Lots of love Ash

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