Wisdom extracted & My Baby is growing up

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Hi Everyone

I had a terrible tooth ache this week and thankfully the pain killers helped. I went to the dentist and he recommended I have the trouble some wisdom tooth plus the other accomplices removed too. So today is the big day to have these removed. I felt a little nervous for I have never been to the hospital except to have my baby (15 years ago!) and to visit other people of course. I know it is a quick procedure under general anesthetic and nothing to worry about but still. If it was not for the pain I may have kept them. I mean they are called wisdom teeth! And they have been given to us for a reason I am sure. So why have them removed. I discovered that many people have had the wisdom’s removed. It is a normal and routine practice. I wonder though if this is not why we have some many problems today? To many people running around without their wisdom’s ๐Ÿ™‚ hahaha. Seriously though there must have been a reason for calling them wisdom’s. ย  So I will be back later today minus my wisdom’s and hopefully still able to write a sensible blog. Often when I am a little worried or scared I draw courage from my daughter. I wrote this poem which always make me think of her and smile ๐Ÿ™‚

faith blog


My baby is growing up

Young and pretty

Sweet and bold.

When I look at her I feel old,

My baby is growing up.

She is brave.

Never too scared to try

and face her fears.

She has the courage of a lioness

For someone so young.

โ€œOh, where has the time gone.โ€

She is a style diva.

Knowing what goes with what

ย and what colors to choose.

Fashion a language

She clearly understands.

Sweet and bubbly.

She talks and talks

Of stories from school.

Her stories filled with laughter,

Filled with fun and most scary of all

Mostly about boys.

Oh where has the time gone.

My baby is growing up.

I guess I am growing up too – less wisdom teeth but still able to dream and able to go after them.

Keep well


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