Wisdom of the Ages by Wayne W. Dyer

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Inspirations is every where. Sometimes it is in the acts of children, sometimes it is in what we read, see and hear.

I am reading an incredible book by Wayne Dyer, titled Wisdom of the Ages – 60 days to enlightenment. In this book he shares my 3 favorite concepts: 1) poetry, 2) In the form of storytelling he explains the meaning of the poem and shares a little about the poet; 3) He summarizes the key lessons you can practice in your everyday life.

I am a huge fan of Wayne Dyer and when I started reading this book it felt like it was meant for me. I would encourage everyone to read it. The first poem that I read was, Patience by Confucius; “who was a Chinese teacher and philosopher whose philosophy strongly influenced Chinese life and culture for over 2 thousand years”.

This poem come just at the right time, when I was rushing to get things done and feeling stressed and pressured because things were not going fast enough. This poem stopped me in my tracks and helped me to reflect on me and where I was at that moment. There are things I can control (well mostly me) but mostly things will happen on its own time and own pace. Even if you influence the outcome, it will be as it was intended and accepted. I am attaching the poem I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Patience by Confucius 551 B.C. -470 B.C

Do not be desirous of having

things done quickly. Do not

look at small advantages.

Desire to have things done

quickly prevents their being

done thoroughly. Looking

at small advantages prevents

great affairs from being


Lots of love, Ash

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