Who gave you, your first big break? for me: Lene Wright & Orla Ollewagen.

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I remember how desperate I was for a career in HR. The role I spied immediately ahead of me was the HR Officer role. The two individuals who knew my heart the best was Lene and Orla.

Well when an opportunity came up. I could hardly breathe. What if this is my chance? I wondered. But our Provincial HR Manager was clear, an HR Degree and a driver’s license was essential for the post. Sure I was in the process of getting these two critical items but I was not quite there yet. I worked as hard as I could and I prayed, like you can only imagine.

My prayers came in the form of these two angels, Lene and Orla. They believed in me and asked the Provincial HR Manager to give me a chance. They would coach and mentor me, they promised him and I am grateful they did. He agreed!!! So as an HR officer my world into HR opened wider.

Of course I did – get the two critical items – it was part of the deal.

These two amazing ladies helped me get my first big break in HR. Thank you so much Lene and Orla. I have never forgotten. You are both firmly anchored in my heart 🙂

With love & light


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