What if life is rigged in your favor?

Conservative, cautious, and safe is the way most people live their  lives. “What if I take the risk and it doesn’t work? What if I fail?” many people wonder and hold on tightly to their comfort-zones.

I remember the story of a Senior Risk Manager. One day she walked past a shop that sold art and painting supplies. She never really thought of painting but on this day, something made her stop and enter the shop.

And without giving it much thought she bought a canvas and painting supplies. The rest of the afternoon she painted with bliss and discovered that she was a natural artist.

And when I asked her why she didn’t pursue her passion for painting. She said, “What if I fail? How will I pay my bills?”

But what if life is rigged in your favor?

How will you live your life if the chance of success is a 100%?

Why can’t you live with bliss?

With love and light


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