We’re loud & we’re proud – Brett Warren-Hansen

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Brett is one of the business leaders who I just had a connection with from the moment we met.

Our similarities & differences was what made our HR & business partnership exceptional. It allowed us to complement each other and enabled him to lead the staff of the East to achieve the objectives of the region.

What always makes me smile is our similarities. Brett & I are both energetic & we would each purposefully walk the floor to engage with the staff of the East. We’re both loud and always chatted boisterously with the staff. Everyone knew when we were in the office.

Brett use to say, “We’re from the East. We’re loud & we’re proud!”

  • Brett was always clear on the vision for the region and always asked for feedback, to make sure, we did not miss anything and that it would resonate with the staff. It was in the resonating parts, where Brett and I worked very well together.
  • What makes Brett an exceptional leader is his willingness to listen to staff, his accountability, honesty and search for solutions that will help achieve extraordinary results.
  • Sure Brett is driven and hardworking but what is exceptional about Brett is that he does it with heart and is always open to listen, especially to his noisy HR Partner. Brett was always game for an HR solution that will help to improve the work experience or aid us achieving our objectives.
  • So Brett I know you have many new challenges but stay true to you, continue to listen & believe in your people and I know, you will achieve the impossible.

I enjoyed working in the East. Implementing awesome HR solutions that was a whole lot of fun. Working with Brett is something I would always cherish.

Our paths have diverged onto different roads in life but the world is a village and I’m sure our paths would cross again. I certainly hope so!

Thank you Brett 🙂

With Love & light


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