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Its freezing cold and for the longest time I have been meaning to wake up at 4:00 am. Today it finally happened. I woke up and exercised. The morning looks amazing with all the twinkling stars, it is deadly quiet and peaceful. A time when dreams are surely cast. I am still freezing, my two big toes especially. So before I go get something warm to drink I would like to share a poem I wrote about this special time of day.


When night turns to morning

Not dark

Not light

But in between.

When dreams are cast

And we can see their messages vividly clear.

In this time I feel quiet and at peace.

When darkness turns to light

And the stars slip away.

When dreams feel real

And all that slumber starts to wake.

A new dawn is born.

Another day has begun.

Yesterday is gone

Only today and tomorrow ahead of us.

Enjoy your day.

Lots of love


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