Turn-up the volume

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One day I was summoned to the office of a particular director. He looked at me with serious eyes, the problem he was dealing with clearly weighing heavy on his heart.

“The noise levels are not optimal,” he said pointing to a wall behind him. Straining to hear anything, I asked, “Noise levels?”

“Yes noise levels, every so often the person sitting behind this wall would turn up the volume, and the noise levels would go up. Please can you help me resolve this matter?”

“Ok”, I said not clear on the problem or the solution.

So off I went to uncover who sat behind the wall and hopefully find a win-win solution. So imagine the senior manager’s surprise when I raised the matter with her. She looked at me aghast and asked if I could hear any noise? Truth be told I really had to lean-in to try to hear anything from her portable radio.

“Well”, she said, “the only time I turn the volume up, is when one of my daughter’s songs came on”. Just as she said it, one of her daughter’s songs played on the radio. She turned up the volume, jumped up and danced. I could not help but burst out laughing, me and everyone else in the open plan office.

So here’s the thing – her daughter is a famous singer and the radio station played her songs often.

Who interferes with the loving and proud heart of a mother?

On this day I learnt that some things just can’t be solved by HR.

With love & light


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