You can transform your life with the Power of Self-love, a powerful source of creation

The Power of Self-love Seminar:

Xperiential Factor will be hosting a Power of Self-love Seminar on the 20 – 21st of July 2019, North Riding, Johannesburg.

  • Is designed to help you move away from a self-critical, stressful, and troubled existence towards a life filled with love, prosperity, and endless opportunities.
  • Will help you embrace self-love, learn to focus on you, break limitations, and transform your thoughts, dreams, and goals into magical real-life experiences.
  • If you are ready to transform your life with the power of self-love register for the workshop on

Are you tired of struggling in life? Do you yearn for more joy, purpose and success in your life? Why not do the internal work and tap into the power of self-love?

What is love?

Love is an intense feeling of affection — a great interest of pleasure in something, or someone. It’s a positive state or feeling that we have towards ourselves, something, or someone.

When self-love is missing, it affects how we feel about ourselves; it affects our thoughts, our self-talk, and how we behave towards others. It also affects what we achieve in all areas of our lives and the quality of our experiences.

Leo Buscaglia quote on love


What stops us from Self-love and loving?

1. Our perceptions; of ourselves, and that of our parents/siblings/teachers/peers/ bosses, etc.

2.  Our thoughts and limiting beliefs of ourselves (Judgement)

  • I am not worthy of love
  • I am not pretty/handsome enough
  • We don’t express love in our family. This how we are.
  • I don’t need love.
  • I am not smart enough, good enough, positive enough and many reasons as to why we don’t deserve love

3.    Critical Self-talk – No one loves me, I can’t, I’m not good enough, I’m not worthy.

4.    We look for validation/acknowledgment outside of ourselves.

Other reasons for not loving ourselves?

5.    The lack of love – affects our view of ourselves – And the way we show up in the World.

6.    We put the needs & wants of others ahead of our own- “I shouldn’t be selfish.” “They       need me, and I will do what I want some other time.”

7.    We view love as outside of us – we don’t often see it as within us. We are born with love and remain connected to our Source of love – Our Creator.

8.    You must be love in action to be loved. Don’t wait for others to love you, you have the capacity for loving you.

The Meaning of Self-love

Self-love is the energy of creation. It is pure energy, in a calm, and loving state. It will help you manifest all your desires.


Your Mind, Heart, Body, and Soul energies are the sources of creation. You must align your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, and energies; to create what you desire most in your life. The quality of your emotions affects the quality of your thoughts and your ability to act towards achieving your dreams and goals.

At the Power of Self-love Seminar you will learn

  • To shake your negative, self-critical beliefs and gain the confidence to transform your life.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming strategies that will help you tap into your power and create the life you dream of living.
  • Strategies and technologies to achieve mindfulness.
  • That to love anyone else truly; you must love yourself first. You must allow your cup of love to overflows to truly love others.
  • Love is connected to the process of creation, and with it, you will achieve all your dreams and goals.

At the end of the Self-love Seminar, you will

  1. Know how to love yourself and let it flow to all areas of your life
  2. You will appreciate all that you are; a divine being.
  3. You will understand why the way you process information creates your present reality.
  4. You will understand the process of creation
  5. You will utilise strategies, technologies, and tools to help you break limiting beliefs, create empowering beliefs and visions; and to manifest what you want and desire in life.
  6. You will plan for your life and take-action with conviction
  7. You will ignite love and prosperity in your Relationships, Health & Well-being, Spirituality, Career, and Finances

Why 2-Days and what to expect?

  • Our seminar is an immersive experience that will allow you to learn, participate, practice, and have fun with all that you will learn.
  • You will be able to apply all that you have learned to transform your life with love, light, and joy.
  • You will leave feeling energised to start the next phase of your life.

If you can imagine the life you would love to live; you can experience it.

Register and Join the Power of Self-love today!

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