Are you open to the truth of your life?

What is the truth of your life? Deepak Chopra’s seven synchro destiny principles helped me to understand the truth of my life. Even though I only fully understood them after many years. The power of synchro destiny principles is hard to ignore. They have become the mantra’s, I say with my meditations, and even as I run on the treadmill, these principles accompany every stride.

Applying the truth of Ritam in your life

I used to say them without being aware of the meaning or gift that each one brings. It used to feel like I left my mantras behind on the treadmill after a run; this was never my intent. I understand that applying these principles into my life is where the power is. It is not in the saying of the words like a nursery rhyme. It’s by being aware of the meaning of these principles and understanding how they can transform your life, this is where you will find their real power.

Let’s look at the synchro destiny principle Ritam (Ree – tahm) it translates as “truth” or “knowledge of reality.”

Namah refers to one’s ability to surrender the ego-mind to the universe and open yourself to receive higher awareness of all that is. It means that you are open to the universe and ready to receive guidance from God.

Be in alignment with the Universe

Om Ritam Namah means my intentions and desires are in alignment with and supported by the rhythm of the universe. What an incredible meaning! Deepak Chopra encourages us to recite this chant. By saying it, we remind ourselves to be alert and awake to coincidences in the universe. The messages that we get from strangers are reminders that God is with us. It is in the application of ‘Ritam’ that you are open to the flow of the cosmos.

Learning to surrender my ego-mind

Often even though you understand the power of ‘Om Ritam Namah’ your ego may still dominate your life. Trust me, I know. I learned that I am obsessive about controlling every event in my life. After some tough lessons in my life, I’ve learned to let go of control. I fully understand what these words mean. I’ve learned to surrender my ego-mindset.

Live your truth with guidance

I didn’t realise how much my ego dominated my life; until I became aware of how focussed I was on what others thought of me. I worried whether I was good enough or rather measured up. I pushed and pulled on what I wanted to create, instead of allowing the guidance from the divine. You can’t be guided and be in control of your life. And it’s in allowing it to unfold that the magic and grace happens.

Flow with the Divine

Your intention will manifest with the blessing from the divine. God knows the light and path of your life. When you trust and flow with the divine, you will find the direction of your life.  When you hold onto anything with fear, your ego will have a ball messing with you, exaggerating every scary thought and emotion until you feel exhausted and defeated. ‘We torture ourselves with the insane stories from our ego. We give the characters in these stories life and allow them to rule and ruin us.’ By simply saying to yourself, “Stop it!” allows you to bring your awareness back to the present and to dispel the myths from your ego.

I’ve learned to be ok with what I can’t see, hear, do, or feel. I know I don’t have to control anything. All I need to do is listen, trust, and allow.

How to flow with the principle of Ritam

Top five tips to apply Ritam

  1. Make your intentions known and then let it go with soft faith; knowing that it will all work out.
  2. It is your beliefs that will shape the quality of your life.
  3. Be mindful of your thoughts and emotions; they give life to what you place your attention on.
  4. Remember that you are not alone. God is with you.
  5. Listen to the guidance from within and do what you know is right for you.

Remaining tips to apply Ritam

  1. It is when you are in alignment with the Almighty that you manifest your desires.
  2. See-through the illusions of your ego and fear. Fear is fake evidence appearing real.
  3. See everything as a lesson and an opportunity to fulfill your destiny.
  4. When you don’t know what to do, get still. The answer will come (one of my favourite quotes from Oprah)
  5. Be grateful for the blessings in your life. You will realise that you have a lot going for you, and more will always flow.

The truth of life

All seven principles of synchro-destiny (thanks to Deepak) will help you achieve your deepest desires. Ritam, for me, is the simplest and most potent principle. It reminds me of the truth of life, which is to let go and to be open to divine guidance. We don’t have to know everything, but we must undoubtedly enjoy the gift of our lives.

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