The Power of Self Love

Northwold - 20th July

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The Power of Self Love

The Power of Self-Love is a workshop designed to help you move away from a self-critical, stressful and troubled existence towards a life filled with love, prosperity and endless opportunities.

When you embrace self-love you will learn to focus on you, break limitations and transform your thoughts, dreams and goals into magical real-life experiences.

We will share Neuro-linguistic-programming strategies with you that will help you tap into your internal power and will change your life.

This is an immersive Seminar that will allow you to learn, participate, practice and have fun with all that you will learn.

During this Seminar

  • You will learn to shake your negative, self-critical beliefs and gain the confidence to transform your life.

  • You will learn neurolinguistic programming strategies that will help you tap into your power and create the life you dream of.

  • You will learn strategies and technologies to achieve mindfulness.

  • You will learn that to truly love anyone else you have to love yourself first. It is only when your cup of love overflows that others will blossom in your presence.

  • Love is connected to the process of creation and with it you will achieve all your dreams and goals.

Who should attend the Seminar

  1. Anyone ready to live meaningfully with love, light and joy

  2. This Seminar is for you;

    • If you’ve been battling to survive and it feels like all areas of your life are a struggle.

    • If you feel that love is missing from your life

    • If you want love and prosperity in your relationships, health-&-well-being, spirituality, career and finances.

    • If you want to transform your visions (dreams) and goals into magical real life experiencesSeminar

By the end of the Seminar you will

  1. Know how to love yourself and let it flow to all areas of your life

  2. You will appreciate all that you are; a divine being.

  3. You will understand why the way you process information creates your existing reality.

  4. You will understand the process of creation.

  5. You will utilise strategies, technologies and tools to help you break limiting beliefs, create empowering beliefs and visions; and to manifest what you want and desire in life.

  6. You will plan for your life and take action with conviction

  7. You will ignite love and prosperity in your Relationships, Health & Well-being, Spirituality, Career and Finances

Live with your mind, body and soul and connect to the essence of you

Self-love allows you to live with Love and Light, energies needed to manifest all you want in life.

The Power of Self Love
The Power of Self Love

Love is the energy and frequency of creation. Learn how to love you and create all that that you desire in life.

Light is the energy and frequency of wisdom. Learn the information you need to gain the wisdom that will transform your life.

Live with Love & Light and transform your experiences to extraordinary ones.  Your life will be filled with joy, energy and satisfaction. 

My Love & Light Lessons

My name is Asheka Collins, and my journey towards Self-love was long but enriching.

I grew up believing that I was not very pretty and worried whether I would ever get married. And when I did, I believed that I would get divorced. Which happened! I was too scared to fail. I worried whether I was good enough in the eyes of others. I didn’t believe that I was creative and worried about getting stuck in a job that I didn’t enjoy. My limiting beliefs and lack of self-love affected the quality of my life.

Until one day, I rediscovered two gifts I received two years earlier. The one was, The Power of Intention by Wayne Dyer and the other a book, Mind Power by John Kehoe. The lessons I learned started my spiritual journey and transformation. I’ve had many phenomenal teachers since.

I’ve learned to question many of my beliefs and to change them into empowering ones.

The process of creation helped me experience many  miracles in my life from financial and material gain, to romance, to serving, doing what I love and many others…

I have learned to live with love and light. I have taught these lessons in many workshops that I facilitated at the Corporates I worked for. I have helped Individuals, teams, and leaders to utilise empowering strategies to help them achieve the results that they want.

I want to help you tap into the power of Self-love with fantastic strategies and tools; so that you can live meaningfully with love, light, and joy.

What to expect?

  • This is an immersive Seminar that will allow you to learn, participate, practice and have fun with all that you will learn.

  • Following the Seminar you will be able to apply all that you have learned to transform your life with love, light and joy.

  • You will leave the Seminar energised to start the next phase of your life.

The Power of Self love Course Program

The Power of Self Love Seminar

Date: 20th July

Cost of Investment: R649

What is included in the price?

Food & Refreshments

You will also receive:

  • Self-Love Workbook
  • Creation Chart & Dream Board
  • A Pack of Life Wheel Cards

Total Value Adds: R299

Facebook Community for Life

Encouraging you to live with love and light – Value: Priceless

This is an immersive and Life Changing Experience

Invest in you and change your life

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