The Future is calling

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The future is calling

Shiny and bright;

She flashes,

A promise of a better tomorrow.

So close and yet so far.

“Pack light”, she cautions

Yesterday’s stuff,

Will slow you down.

Bring only true gems;

An excitement to learning,

Childlike eyes and fearlessness,

A strong heart and

Faith for you are not alone.

Opportunities are everywhere.

Listen to your heart,

The future is calling

The toughest thing is to listen to that tiny voice that beckons you to a greater tomorrow. Yet you know that if you do; your future and life as you know it will be altered forever. In a way beyond imagination, for you will do what you have always wanted to do. Serving many with your passion, strengths and all your gifts. It is a leap of faith but as your heart thunders loud and your excitement bubbles, you just know you have got to go, where you have never dared to go before. The time is now for you only have one life to live.

As scared as I am I have decided to be the best poet and story-teller that I could possibly be. So I will write more everyday.I will read and learn more everyday of my craft. I will share the incredible stories of people I meet who inspire me so much and as best I could I will tell them how incredibly wonderful they are. People forget sometimes in the busy times that we are in; to look at themselves with shiny eyes and to appreciate all their gifts. We have become so use to criticizing ourselves that we forget to look at ourselves with shining eyes.  I am in awe of how many incredible people there are out there despite all the craziness that is happening in the World today. Inspiration is everywhere. Great and strong stories are too many to choose from, I hope to share a true South African story every week that reminds us of all the magic that is still out there  🙂

Lots of Love


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