The difference a caring heart can make – Lorette Benfield

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Many, many moons ago Lorette & I worked together. She was my right hand and I could not imagine, providing a strong HR Service to business without her. We looked after several specialized units and we found that at times, there was an overlap in management meetings. When this happened I did not hesitate to send Lorette to attend on my behalf.

I always found Lorette to be very capable in HR, hardworking and her can-do attitude was simply wonderful. So on days when I would send Lorette to attend a management meeting, she would go even though she felt slightly apprehensive.

The best part for me was when I got the feedback from the Executives and line managers on how the meeting went, the HR Slot in particular. “Fantastic! We are so happy you sent Lorette.” I would give her the news and her eyes would glow and yet she always wondered why the response was so emphatically positive. Sure she prepared for the sessions and provided input in the meeting. For me this alone, confirmed why it would go well.

But, she made me curious, so I went to chat to the Executive as to why they enjoyed having her in their management meetings.

This is what he mentioned: She provides the HR info and support but more than that she bring compassion into the role. She listens and they feel that she understand and support them in their business endeavors.

I brimmed with pride and shared the news with her. But you all know that sometimes we are our own worst critics.

Watching Lorette and getting the feedback on her, taught me the importance of taking compassion and heart with you, in your role. Being clever is great but being clever with heart = magic.

Lorette thank you for the lesson.

With love and light


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