Allow yourself time for the career that you want

Allow yourself the time to focus on the career that you want

Are you allowing yourself the time to focus on the career that you want? I have found that more than being clear on the career that you want, the most important thing is to allow yourself the focus, discipline, and preparation time to go after your ideal career.

Why wait to pursue your ideal career

In a time of flux and uncertainty, it is so easy to let go of your career aspirations. There are many reasons why you may think that it is better to go into the ‘waiting place’. You may feel that it’s better to wait until the threat of COVID-19 has died down before you can allow yourself to do what you love, to live fully, or to grow personally, spiritually, and professionally.  But why wait?

Re-imagine the career that you want

Sure, the way we interact with one another has changed quite dramatically and technology has taken the center stage of the way we do many things. The question you need to ask yourself is NOT whether you should place your career or life on hold but rather how you can re-imagine your ideal career and pursue it successfully. What steps can you take every day to get you closer to the job that you want?

Firstly, how do you see yourself in relation to the career that you want?

When the image in your mind is crystal clear and it is backed up by your conviction that you will thrive in this career. There is nothing that can or will be able to stop you regardless of what is happening in the world today.

Are you allowing yourself the opportunity to thrive in your ideal career?

I would encourage you to reflect again on the picture that you see of yourself. Do you see yourself as a thriver or a survivor? Dr. Joyce Brothers stated that the way you see yourself is the most important thing that you can imagine. It enables you to perform consistently. She goes on further to say that that you cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way that you see yourself.

Clarity in relation to the career that you want

Being clear on who you are and what you would like to do with your life is the greatest breakthrough for all human beings. These two aspects when unclear will send you on a seekers quest. It could take you weeks or months to find your clarity with conviction. It is not because your soul is not giving you clues of these two important aspects of you. Not at all. Our souls give us clues all the time. The whispers may be soft and drowned out by the noise of our limiting stories, beliefs, judgements, or fear. But they are there, and you will find it when you go within through prayer or meditation.

The power of silence

Silence and quiet reflection often lead you to the answers that you seek. Some of us take long but we all do eventually find the thing that beats our hearts. The thing that screams out at us, “Yes, when I do this, I am alive!”

Secondly, what do you do about getting into the career that you want?

Clarity alone is not enough to secure the job that you want and then being able to perform it with great success. This is the thing that I struggled with a lot. Even though I knew what I wanted to do I kept on holding onto what I used to do. I committed only partially to my dream because I was too scared about what will happen if the career that I wanted didn’t work out.

You see right here is where I tripped myself up. Instead of focusing on the picture, I saw of myself performing my ideal career successfully. I was focusing on the past, on what I used to do. I kept looking over my shoulder of what has been instead of focusing on what I wanted.  

Choose a career that ignites your purpose

I needed to make a choice between what I wanted and my past job. The choice was simple, I asked myself which job would ignite my purpose and allowed me to serve with joy and grow exponentially. I had to learn to be open to the vulnerability of criticism and failure. I had to accept that vulnerability will pave my way to success.

Yes, I choose to follow a career that will allow me to teach people how to create meaningful life experiences in all areas of their lives. I understand all too well what it means to be stuck and to play it safe. Wayne Dyer often said, “Let go and let God.” I followed his advice. I serve my clients with delight and every day it affirms who I am and what I am meant to do.

What stopped my ping pong between my past career and my ideal career? I asked myself the following questions

  1. Will I be happy playing it safe in the long run?
  2. What if I don’t allow myself the time to focus and go after what I wanted.
  3. Am I doing enough to turn my dream into a reality?
  4. What value do I place on my life and what I yearn to do?
  5. What happens after failure AND so what if I do fail? Will it be worth it to follow the guiding light deep within me?
  6. Can I withstand the hurt of living a half-lived life?
  7. What if I only had three months left in my life? How will I choose to spend this time?
  8. Am I focusing on being successful in the career I choose for me?

It’s important for you to ask yourself these questions and then to follow your conviction. How will you know that you chose correctly? You will find a sense of peace with your choice. If you don’t have peace, keep reflecting. Keep praying about it, the answer will come. It is a deep knowing that defies all odds. It is a certainty of how you want to live your life.

Thirdly, allow yourself the time to focus on the career that you want

You need a plan of action.

Reflect on the picture of yourself in your ideal job. See the image in your mind’s eye with as much detail that you can. What are you doing? What symbolizes your success. Who is your boss, your clients, or subordinates? Are you an entrepreneur? What is your product or service? What are the traits of the people that you work with?  Use sub-modalities to sharpen the image, to clarify the sounds that you could hear and hone-in on the amazing feeling of doing what you dare to do?

What is a sub-modality? How does it help you with the career that you want

A sub-modality allows you to encode the picture you have of you performing your ideal career with a sense of sight, hearing, and feeling. It helps you give your image a sense of meaning.

It is especially important to keep the image of what you want close. Use words of affirmation to declare your success in the present state and hold on to the positive feeling of bringing your dream to life.

I recommend the following steps to help you focus on the career that you want:

Top 5 actions to focus on the career that you want

  1. Write your big career goal and plan of action down on paper.
  2. Write down the tasks or actions that you need to perform consistently to give yourself a chance to succeed in your ideal career.
  3. Allow yourself the time and focus to learn, to create your product or service, and to reach out to experts, sponsors, and clients.
  4. Accept full responsibility to pursue and succeed in your ideal career.
  5. It may feel like you are going at a snail pace, but don’t let up. Concentrate, do the research, and what is required to successfully perform every day.

Top 5 tips that will help you achieve and succeed in the career that you want

  1. Don’t get distracted by other people’s dreams and dramas. The more you get involved in everything for everyone else, the less time you have to focus on what you want.
  2. Grow a thick skin. It will allow you to ask for help, to apply for your ideal job, or to pitch for your products or services. Trust that NO eventually will lead to a big YES.
  3. Trust and follow your intuition. You will be amazed by the ideas, thoughts, and inspirations that will come to you on how you can go about achieving success.  Your intuition is connecting you to God.
  4. Keep preparing to win. “You were born to win. But to be a winner you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win,” by Zig Ziglar.
  5. Have an attitude of gratitude. Gratitude enhances your health, boosting your body and brain,” as expressed by Dr. Frank Lipman. The more things that you have to be grateful for the more things flow into your life. Gratitude is the bridge that connects you to the divine.

Give yourself the gift of going after the career that you want. Allow yourself the time to learn, to practice, and to focus on the career that speaks to your heart. It is possible to get what you want.

The sweet symphony of a great life, for me, is having my career, relationships, health, personal and spiritual growth in perfect harmony with one another. It is hard to ignore any area of your life since you need all parts in perfect alignment to create a meaningful life. We are multidimensional as human beings, and this is what sets us apart from other species.  It’s in connecting all the pieces that are unique to us that we find love, grace, and a beautiful life.

With love and Light

Asheka – Life Coach | NLP & Personal Mastery Practitioner

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