The blinking lights (Rashaad & Noma)

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Many, many moons ago, before wrinkles or eye-bags ever crossed my mind in relation to myself, I got star-struck and a dream of a career in HR took hold of me.

Back then I was working as a Personnel Assistant at a Provincial office when these two impressive HR graduates crossed my path. I liked them straight away, they were both friendly, clever and everything I wanted to be.

They were everything I wasn’t and the dream felt impossibly, BIG:

  • They always dressed smart (Back then baggy and shapeless was my style)
  • They had impressive tertiary qualifications (with me just starting to study, 2 modules!)
  • They had awesome career prospects, with many keen to hire them.
  • They both could drive and Rashaad even had a car! (Taxi’s and walking my main way of getting around).
  • To crown it all – they are both younger than me 🙂

 One day after they did an impressive presentation to the Provincial Management team, everyone was buzzing with the cleverness of these two. I softly whispered to myself, “I wish …”

Well let’s just say my wish did come true and the blinking lights of these two helped!

I met them at the exact same time and what’s funny, they were graduate room-mates at one stage, and knowing their personalities, I always imagined, hilarious room-mate disputes. Maybe not 🙂

More than their impressive job titles, qualifications and abilities, what I like most about them is who they are as people. Two of the nicest people you will ever meet.

As always in life paths cross and diverge and so both went on to bigger and better roles. But thanks to Facebook…paths with amazing people continue to cross, virtually!


With love & Light


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