The best advice from Liz Wolf

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Liz is undeniably German and the funniest boss I ever had the privilege to work for. She always scribbled and when she looked up her eyes would sparkle and she had many funny stories to share. I did not get all the jokes but I always laughed. I just loved to hear and see her chuckle.

I last saw Liz last year at the Dave Ulrich workshop/seminar we were all privileged to attend. Seeing Liz reminded me of all she taught me.

Advice/lessons from Liz:

Whenever I went to Liz with some issue I needed help with she would ask me, “So what do you think should be done in this regard.” I would look at her surprised at the question and after careful consideration I would give her a response. She would smile and say, “Well then, do that.”

  • I also lamented to her that people wanted to speak to the manager, not me. Her response, “Tell them you are the manager.” I tell you from that day forward my confidence grew and no one ever asked me again to speak to the manager. I was it, in deed and action (without the pay though hahaha).
  • One day I said to her, “I wonder what people in the business think of me?” Listen to the railway line she said and you will know the answer. She said that if you truly listen, you will find in the coffee areas, the smoking areas, the corridors etc. are all full of what people think of you. She was right! I never had to wonder ever again. In fact I have gotten to a place where people come and tell me exactly what they think of me, good, bad and ugly. I’m grateful for it and totally blessed. It helps me to continually grow.
  • The worst thing though was when Liz pushed me a little to face a monster. I was very comfortable to cower under the bed or other safe places. But once I told Liz about the monster, she pushed me to face my worst fear and to deal with the monster. Initially I was upset with her but when the monster was slain – I felt on top of the world. It gave me the courage to deal with other tough situations in my life.

I am grateful Liz believed in me. We had many lovely discussions while I reported to her and I am grateful she was part of my growth. Sometimes the gentle pushes was just what I needed to grow some gumption. Thank you Liz 🙂


With love and light


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