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Ten steps on how to attract your ideal partner

Are you tired of being alone and feeling desperate to be in a romantic relationship? Are you wondering how you can go about attracting your ideal partner into your life?

Do you want to focus on meeting your ideal partner

I have learned that life is not a straight path but is filled with highs and lows in different life-wheel areas of our lives. Sometimes your career, finances, health and well-being, and personal development area may be going great whilst your relationships (romance, friendships, or family) is a painful area for you and in need of attention. Do you want to focus on meeting your ideal romantic partner?

My personal experience

After my divorce in 2009, I wondered whether I would ever meet my ideal life partner. I had to work through my painful romantic relationship issues before I was ready to start dating again. By journaling, I got clear on the kind of person I would like to be in a relationship with, their features, and traits. My ideal mate had to be kind, respectful, supportive, and loving.

How I went about meeting my soul-mate

I acted like he was already part of my life by ensuring that I had a king-size bed, enough closet space, and that my bathroom had twin basins. The Dinner Club and SmartDate (Speed-dating service) were great ways for me to meet new people. I went on a couple of blind dates set up by my friends as well.

The process of dating may feel daunting at the beginning but rest assured it becomes easier with time. After 6 years of being a singleton, I met my soul-mate. How do you go about attracting your ideal partner?

Ten steps on how to attract your ideal partner

Step One

Move away from the feeling of desperation to find your ideal partner. The universe works on energy and attraction. You have the power to attract your ideal mate and relationships into your life by matching up with the Source of all Creation, God. Move away from your ego and banish all doubt about your ability to attract kind, respectful, and loving people into your life. Trust and know in your heart that it will happen.

Step Two

Conceive your invisible connection to the person you would like to attract into your life. Identify with the invisible energy that sustains the functions of your body. The energy source that flows through you, flows through the people that you want to attract into your life. Know that the source of all creation will connect the two of you. Your thoughts of bringing the two of you together emanate from the same field of universal intention.

Step Three

Form a picture in your mind of the person you want to attract into your life. Allow your picture to be specific, sharp, and clear in your mind’s eye. You don’t have to share your visualisation with anyone, in this way you do not have to explain or defend it to anyone. This is a private exercise between you and God. Regardless of obstacles that you may encounter, hold onto your picture, and stay connected to the loving, kind, creative, peaceful, expanding, and ever receptive Source of all Creation.

Step four

Take action to bring your picture to life. Act as if everyone you meet is helping you to attract the right person into your life. Be proactive, stay alert for signs of synchronicity, and act on them. When a friend calls, wanting to introduce you to someone she thinks will be perfect for you, stay open to the introduction. Or if you get a notification to join Smartdate, do so and enjoy the speed-dating experience.

Act on signs of synchronicity

I have met my life partner via Smartdate and couldn’t be happier. We’ve been together now for five years. These seemingly bizarre coincidences surrounding your desires are messages from Source and you should act on them immediately.

Step Five

Let go of negativity and limiting beliefs of finding your ideal partner. Negativity or doubt will create resistance to your ability to attract your ideal mate. Low energy thoughts will prevent the high energy people that you need or desire from entering your life. Keep your thoughts, emotions, and energy on what you want to happen in your life.

Step Six

Practice being the kind of person you wish to attract. If you want to be loved unconditionally, practice loving unconditionally. By being like the kind of person you want to attract, you are aligned to the universal mind that will allow manifestation.

Step Seven

Detach from the outcome, and practice infinite patience. Keep faith. Don’t evaluate your intention as a success or failure based on your ego and it’s time schedule. It will all work out perfectly.

Step Eight

Practice Prayer and Meditation. Trust God to guide and lead you to the outcome that you want. There is no substitute for prayer. Meditation is a great way to seek out the silence and connect to what you desire most in your life.

Step Nine

See everyone who has played a role in your life as a blessing. Everyone you’ve met came into your life for a reason. They bring great lessons or phenomenal moments of love and contentment. It’s ok to leave some people in your past and to focus on the relationships that feed your soul.

Step Ten

Remain in a state of eternal gratitude. Be grateful to God for everyone who showed up in your life even those who have caused you pain and suffering. Every person you’ve met had something to teach you.  As the co-creator in your life resonates with the high, loving energy of intention and keep like-energized people in your life. For those who don’t resonate with you send them a silent blessing and a pleasant no thank you.


These steps were insights that I’ve learned from my favorite teacher, Wayne Dyer. There are simply no shortcuts to meeting the one person meant for you. You have to believe that you are already connected to him or her. Be open to signs of synchronicity that will guide you to meeting your ideal partner. Always trust your inner knowing, it will lead you to your ideal partner and keep you safe as well.

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