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team cohesion

what is team cohesion?

A cohesive team is when a working group starts to function as a unified team.

  • The team relates effectively with one another.
  • They are behaviourally unified.
  • They are collectively accountable for achieving the organization’s shared objectives.
  • They deliver phenomenal results together.
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how effective are the teams in your organisation

We facilitate team cohesion sessions to help your Teams get Unstuck and to Perform at the next level.

Are your teams stuck and in need of help?

Do they need to…

Evolve to Succeed

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signs that your teams are stuck

  • Silo Mentality
  • High levels of conflict (dysfunctional conflict)
  • Lack of collaboration and co-operation with one another
  • Poor Communication
  • Dysfunctional working relationships
  • Low levels of trust, respect and commitment
  • Sub-standard performance levels
  • Customer complaints
  • Ineffective follow though on the sales and services
  • Inconsistent or poor performance results
  • Individuals in the team display high levels of stress and anxiety
  • High staff turn-over or and absenteeism

Help your teams get unstuck and your business will grow exponentially.

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team cohesion program

We facilitate TEAM COHESION sessions to help your Teams get unstuck and to perform at the next level.

  • We help leaders improve team relationships, empowerment, productivity and engagement.
  • Our solutions are not a one-size-fits-all! We zone in on what you and your team needs.
  • We help you review processes, systems & team dynamics
  • We design and develop customised team training to improve team cohesion, collaboration and performance
  • Team participation, conversations, co-creation and team building are essential components of our programs.

Our facilitated process gets everyone involved to create the change your organisation needs to perform at the next level.

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Benefits of Team Cohesion for your organization?

  • Healthy working relationships
  • Teams understand and relate better with one another
  • Commitment to drive common goals together
  • Clear roles, accountabilities and measures of success
  • Solution focused opposed to problem focused teams
  • Highly engaged and motivated teams
  • Delivery of high-quality standards and results
  • High levels of staff satisfaction in the workplace
  • High levels of customer satisfaction
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team cohesion programs

Contact us for a Consultation to design a customized a team program for you.



team conversations

team health

Achieve Team Success

Break the Silence Act

For Success

This program will help teams transform from being a group to legendary successful team.

The workshop focusses on relating, collaborating,  empowering and co-creating. Essential principles and tools that will help teams deliver explosive results.

This workshop is focused on Leaders, Team members and HR Professionals.

Team Conversations is an experiential workshop designed to focus on breaking down barriers and relating at a deeper level to enhance team relationships, communication and performance.

With a team challenge and the art of powerful linguistics tools teams will learn skills that will help them succeed together.

Team health is a program that will help leaders and teams put strategies, measures and tools in place to continually improve the health and well-being of the team; and ultimately the performance of the team.

The focus is on a) Assessing the health of the team; b) Understanding what is impacting team health and; c) Improving the health of the team.