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Your life’s mission is important

Your life mission is personal. It is what you feel sums you up and allows you expression in the world. Fuel it with the power of your choice and feel the sense of peace affirming the alignment with your inner being.  It is not easy because many people have opinions about what you should do with your life. Your family, friends and even strangers. Often in seeking clarity, we ask everyone what we must do, and as we struggle to make sense of it all we are fair game to be roped into the missions of others. I would encourage you to listen to your instincts for that is where God dwells. Seek out the silence and become clear on what your life’s mission is. It should be tied up with what brings you joy, if not stay connected to the silence. Don’t feel rushed the gift of life is precious. Once you are clear affirm it to yourself and ensure those close to you understand what you want to do with your life. They may not support you but verbalizing your intent is a way to claim the power of your mission. Create it in your mind, verbalize it, feel the joy of it and energise it with action. And it will be. Eventually, those who love you will come around and will be active supporters to your goals. It is only when you are clear, you find your ‘NO’ otherwise it will be easy to get hijacked by other people missions or dramas. I am not saying that your mission won’t be tied up with others, of course, it will. But make sure that there is alignment and it feels right for you. When it does you will collaborate with like-minded people and you will be energized by the creation and realization process of your joint mission. Recently I was reminded again about how important it is to be clear about your goals in life when a person with a huge ego and a huge dream bulldozed their ideas and intentions on me. I could almost feel myself being sucked into the vortex of this person. I felt hugely unsettled and knew it was not for me. I tried to say, ‘No’ but with ears that won’t listen, I just walked away. I felt a sense of peace and knew that my instincts were guiding me to what was right for me. Trust yourself. You will always know what is right for you, what brings you joy and what will give you the deepest satisfaction in life. Your mission is your CHOICE. Creating it will be fun. The right people and what you need will materialize and will help you manifest your mission. Life is precious. Treasure your gift. With love and light Ash

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