Trust yourself

Stop being a wimp

Taking a risk is scary! The boldness and daring attitude of people like Richard Branson isn’t for everyone. Yet how can you not admire it and wish you could drum up the courage and stop being a wimp? Imagine to finally do what you’ve secretly dreamt about for years. Dreams are sometimes referred to as whispers, other’s call it a soul’s desire and the sages call it a knowing. It never leaves you there is always a soft awareness and ache of its presence. I call it my purpose in the physical world. It should be clear only it isn’t; it’s buried under a lot of noise inside and out of us. We almost obliterate it with our fear, our limiting beliefs and lack of faith. There is only one way to tackle the noise and find your clarity, seek out the silence; meditate and pray. When your mind is clear, trust yourself and follow your instincts. It may go everywhere, or it may go nowhere. But you’ll never know until you try. You’ll always be haunted by the churning ache if you don’t try. You will learn many lessons, some will test you and some will surprise you. But what is life if all you’re doing is playing it safe? What does your purpose mean to you? Every day is an opportunity to start being what you’ve only imagined. No more waiting and wishing. The time is now. Let’s get on with it. Action from inside out – your time is NOW! With love and light Ash

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A new beginning …

Endings are crucial for new life to flow.A new beginning filled with promise can only be yours if;you’re open to closing the door on what has been.Keep the memory but do not hold on just because of nostalgia.Being stuck is a high price to pay. Listen to your instincts.Trust how you are feeling.Lift the lid on your boiling frustration and shift pass your fear into a new beginning. Once the discomfort of the unknown passes you’ll feel excitement start tobubble. Reflect on your strengths and interests.Reflect on your vision ahead.With clarity in your mind, calm emotions and a sense of purpose.Take some paper and put your plan in writing.Don’t worry about how, focus on what and the ultimate goalThink, say, feel and do what you wish to realise most in your life.Ensure consistency anchors you and then your goals. With a clear mind and purposeful soul everything is possible. With Love & LightAsh

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