New Year Resolutions be damned!

Every year the same thing, we make resolutions, tell the world and then; Nothing for the rest of the year. Disappointment follows you around like a shame cloth. So, for 2019 I’ve made no resolutions, I didn’t even bother to stay up to midnight to welcome in the New Year. I’ve decided to take action every day, rising with the Sun and making the most of the opportunities of the day. And with every setting Sun I’ll give thanks to all the blessings and lessons of the day. I plan to live every day as if it’s my last, revelling in the gift of life. Should I go near or far I’ll give thanks to life and living. I’m no longer scared of tackling my vision. I know that with the four manifestation keys, think (mind), feel (body and energy), say (intention) and do (action) I will realise my vision. Personal effectiveness is a verb. So, let’s get busy and start doing. Don’t over think it. Just start and ignite your internal motivation. Remember if you can think it you can do it. With Love & Light Ash

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