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Self love is a gift only you can give

It took me the longest time to learn that self love needs to be your first love. But if you turn those soft loving eyes inward and say, “No matter what I love you.”! Self love used to be hard when my inner critique was my faithful companion and my flaw list was longer than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Chastising myself for not being on top of my game. For not being clever enough or just not the perfect all-rounder use to be me at my worst, not-so-loving-self. Instead of looking at all my amazing talents and all the positive feedback I received from those around me. I focused on all that I lacked so no wonder my happy bubble had a hole in it. Love yourself When I started focusing on self love that love sprouted all around me. I love everything about me now, my big motor mouth that can’t shut up when I am around people. It has become so bad that I feel that I would burst If I don’t say something. When I witness someone being inspiring, it thrills me to say, “I see you and good job!” I constantly strive for right and justice even if at times I take a wrong judgement path. My eyes now feast on wonderful sights and when I fail to see. My sweet fiance, Gareth points out the extraordinary to me. Like most girls I cry over nothing and not the pretty cry either. A sad movie, feeling happy or simply compassion for someone could render me to tears. I am a blubber of emotion but with a heart that strives for right. It’s with my imperfections and moments of failure that I have learnt to say, “I love you and you matter.”! Accept yourself I now nurture all that I am and everyone around me. I have learnt to say, “I accept you, I forgive you and most of all I love you.” When I love myself completely, I can love those closest to me in the way that they deserve to be loved. This is when life takes on a magic glow and possibility is everywhere. So, on Valentine’s day may you start with loving you and then loving everyone. I think you should go big on love and watch it flow back to you every day of the year. With love and light Ash

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