Is there ever a time to fight?

All the books from my favorite guru’s encourage me to be kind and loving; aligned with the universal source from which we all come. Allow love to expand and touch everyone is the purest advice that touched my heart. Be love and light they encourage, a quest I willingly accepted. And as I become more mindful of being love and light it felt like everything around me tested me just to be sure I could be consistent in this choice of mine. Love and Light; I found wasn’t always easy for me. The following made me wonder if there is ever a time to fight and if so to what extent should justice reign; In witnessing others being humiliated I found that I couldn’t bear it without uttering words in protest. I would utter the facts that should’ve redeemed them from being flogged, only it didn’t. A terrible leader I found has no mercy even when he is wrong. In trying to encourage people to act I found them immobilised by their fears. Their eyes big and wide; the banging of their hearts almost audible. The culture they said doesn’t allow them the freedom of creativity or independent thought. Surviving the corporate culture was more important than the bliss of solving obvious problems. I tried to turn to the leaders but got slammed by the wall of what’s always been, changing the status quo, not an option they would consider. Anger and frustration raged in me, I felt desperate to bring about a change in this culture. But I’ve learnt that all I could do was encourage everyone, including the leaders for a vision that united everyone. A culture that empowers transforms everyone with amazing results. And I have learnt that until it is chosen by the leaders and their people the status quo will remain unaltered. I have learnt that fighting with low energies generates poor results and that love, and encouragement is power and enough. I initially allowed the lies that were being spread about one team to go unchallenged. My strength and my cross have always been my honesty and yet when the lies were spread from the top, I felt helpless. The hurt in the eyes of those affected ached my heart and I couldn’t deny the truth. I said it over and over, regardless of the potential outcome. If standing up to bullies and lies meant that I was fighting; then I am proud of it, for love and light doesn’t mean we become doormats. Sometimes we have to say, ‘Enough’ and ‘No’. There were times when I gave up, being me. Assimilating to the prevailing culture felt easier. Standing out like a sore thumb was uncomfortable. And trying to mobilise many people towards principles and solving what they knew were right just felt like too much effort. But by assimilating I become less. Love and light mean that I am more. So even if I feel no love, I am love and stand for what is right within me.   Maya Angelo taught me the importance of rising no matter what happens in your life. Her poem, Still I Rise, is very powerful. It taught me that no matter what happens in life, that we should keep rising. People will always try to break us and we should always RISE and Succeed. Love and light are strong. The intention isn’t to be weak and docile but rather strong with love and courage. We don’t have to roar with low vibrations but instead, stand up to what’s right in a manner that serves justice and that we are proud of. Love and light are the most powerful weapons in your armour. Let your energy rise with love and light. Always do what is right for you and others.   With love and light Ash 

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