Excuses of why you don’t follow your bliss

Have you found that life feels harder when you keep spiralling down with what has always been? You feel stuck in a rut and moving from where you are to where you wished you were felt insurmountable.  You feel heavier and heavier as you lug yourself through your daily life. Even your favourite ice cream taste like grass. Well what’s stopping you from transforming your life? It is most definitely not all your excuses of why you are where you are. Stop looking at all the reasons why your life is the way it is and find the one REASON why you deserve to follow your bliss. And yes, making the choice to do something that will transform your life is the toughest part. But once you have made your choice and start looking at ways that you could achieve your goals; your life is about to transform. You will find the time to exercise, learn or practice. You will re-look at your budget and find the money you thought you didn’t have for what matters most to you. You will find the courage to say to everyone, “this is important to me” and you will mind less about being judged or disappointing others. You will shift from saying I can’t to I will and take the action needed to achieve your bliss. You are divine and deserve to live with joy. Why can’t you be a teacher or a dancer or pilot if that is what you are drawn to.  Don’t buy the scepticism of those stuck in their own miserable lives. Sure, it will feel like your goals are highly implausible, but others have done it and so will you. I always take great courage from Wayne Dyer who says, “When you change the way you look at things. The things you look at change.” So, change your self-talk to yes, I can. Change your negative mindset to positive outlook on life. The saying as you think so you are rings true for me, so mind what you are thinking and mind the energies of your life. Find ways to improve your wellbeing, whether it is a walk on the beach, yoga or going to the gym. When you improve your well-being, you mind-set and take the actions needed you will achieve your BLISS.  Yes, start small but every positive step in the right direction gets you so much closer to your dreams. Live to the brim of you and see how joy transforms your life.   With love and light Ash

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