Common Reasons why businesses don’t achieve Training Results:

The challenges all business face is providing phenomenal service to their clients by friendly, knowledgeable staff well trained on customer service, product knowledge and a sleek fulfilment of the client’s request. This is true for both the front-line and back office staff; both ensuring that the promises made to clients are delivered on and reflect on the financials of the business. This is easy enough when the business is very small for training is often a quick huddle with practice and feedback by the owner to his/her staff directly. With rapid expansion however especially in big corporates training staff to ensure efficiencies and the wow-factor becomes more difficult. In my corporate experience I have found the following to be the main reasons why businesses fail to achieve training results; 1.      Insufficient time allocated for training. The leaders agree that training is required however can’t stand the idea of the staff being away from the business to get the training that is sorely needed. Many excuses are provided as to why staff simply can’t be released for training. So sadly, the experience the staff delivers never changes and the fire-fighting continues. 2.      Strongly linked to the above is the rush to achieve results in the shortest timeframe possible. The leaders want less content which unfortunately compromises the learning outcomes they sorely need. When training is rushed learning anchors can’t be embedded and learning stickiness is not achieved. The impact is that the business loses on two fronts, a) the time away from work and b) a wasted opportunity to train staff effectively. 3.      The wrong people are sent on training. What happens far too often is that training is designed for a specific target audience or role but on the day of the training with last minute cancellations the wrong people are pulled and told to attend the training. They have no interest or desire for the training. It is critical to ensure that the training is designed and delivered to the right target audience to help them achieve better results for the business. Lots of money is lost in training the wrong people just because the right people are needed elsewhere. 4.      The training solution is poorly embedded. Often amazing training interventions are put together with awesome feedback, but sadly the training results end in the training room. The further from the day of training the more the content is forgotten or lost. The training is often repeated rather than ensuring that the learning anchors are embedded, and the practice of the training continues with feedback from the leader and team to the learner back in the workplace. This is an age-old issue and the only way to combat it is to ensure that everybody is on-board on what the training requirements are, the benefits of the training and ensuring that the training is applied and lived. 5.      Introducing too many changes in your business makes the training null and void. When there is just too much for the staff to focus on, they go into survival mode doing just enough to get by and the learning falls by the wayside. Allow your teams’ undivided focus on what you ultimately want to achieve with the training, and you will be amazed by the results. 6.      An impoverished culture makes it harder to train effectively. A culture where learning is supported and encouraged always achieves results. What is your culture like? Is far removed from engaging with your people and encouraging learning? You can shift it and ensure that you empower your people, communities and societies with what your business has to offer the world. I am passionate about experiential training that delivers results for individuals, teams and businesses. Everyone can benefit from doing training right. Contract us at Xperiential Factor on how we can assist you with your training requirements Kind regards Asheka

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