Surrender. A concept that used to be foreign to me. I’ve certainly attempted to control everything in my life to the point that I stressed and strained about every little thing. I have learned that the more I worried about every little thing, the longer my control checklist got.
Everything had to be my way and listening to others, or the wisdom from the Almighty was hard to do.

It was the painful, humbling moments that brought me to my faith. It was in letting go, that I realised that striving is not necessary. Struggling, fighting, and resisting makes us oblivious to all the blessings around us.

Surrendering to God brings all you want with ease and pleasure. Surrendering connects you to your purpose and more. Find your voice by surrendering. The power is from within.

Trust it and let go of holding on to things that you really have no business controlling.
Cherish every moment of life’s abundance by simply connecting to the Source of all Creation.

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