Stop the noise

Stop the noise

Trust the voice of silence; even as the noise all around you has amped up. Everyone is scrambling to find the best way to make money. The best way to earn, to be of service and to take care of loved ones. Everyone is wanting to make the most of the times we find ourselves in.

This has resulted in an explosion of information on social media with suggestions on what you should be doing. Opinions, ideas, and feedback come from everyone you know.

And yet at times, all it does is spin you in circles. Confusion and stress adding to your already full plate of decisions, intentions, and actions.

Stop the noise. Find a quiet place. Connect to the voice that does not use words. Listen to the guidance from within.

Remember when it feels right, it is right. Do what’s right for you. Don’t get swept up in the noise around you. Trust the voice of silence.

“Creating meaningful life experiences worldwide.”

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