Step Forward

Step forward to get what you want

Step forward to get what you want! There are simply no shortcuts to achieving your dreams and goals. There are three simple rules to getting what you want.

  1. Go after what you want most in life. You can’t just talk and wish for it. You need to move in the direction of your success. Sure you’ll fumble but you’ll grow in confidence in no time. You will go from feeling awkward to certainty; to super confident and grateful.
  2. You have got to ask. If you don’t ask you, won’t receive it. Sure, you may get a lot of no’s. But if you don’t ask you will miss out on the yesses intended for you. A no is an opportunity to remedy your pitch!
  3. Step forward. Nothing happens when you sit on the couch or stay in bed sleeping. Step forward in the direction of your deepest desire and watch the world eventually blossom towards you and your incredible talent.

Questions to ask before you move

What does stepping forward mean for you? What do you need to leave behind or simply stop doing to give yourself a chance? Sure the comfort zone is easy. But what comes from easy? When you are clear on what you want. Don’t wait to have all the answers or all the funds. Step forward and move. Go after what you want. It is only when you step forward that you get what you want!

You deserve to live as your soul whispers with lots of energy and no regrets!!! Pop what does not serve you.

Step forward with confidence

We always worry about failing or being judged as a loser. I think people will always judge. It is only when we judge ourselves and it stops us from pursuing our dreams that we lose. Don’t lose yourself in the pain of your current reality. Lose yourself in your dreams and see where it leads. Love, laugh and live as you go after what you want. With God guiding you, nothing can go wrong.

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