let silence take you to the core of life

Let silence take you to the core of life

The precious gift of silence. The more I practiced meditation I found that I needed to shed aspects of me that no longer served me.  Every time I went deeper into me, I found that I needed less to be happy.

I started to appreciate the beauty around me. In the quietness of nature I learned her continuous practice of art and love.

With love and tranquillity, my eyesight discerns love in everyone close to me and in those that I meet. I now speak less and hear more thanks to the stillness within me.

With silence as my anchor my heart beats in tune with the pulse of the universe. I stand in wonder of all the things I get to do.

Silence told me who I am. She shared my gifts and made me shine. She showed me how to be in rhythm with the heartbeat of life. I thank God for every day I get to show up as me and embrace this precious life.

Let silence take you to the core of life.

With love and light


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