Self acceptance

Self Acceptance

What does self-acceptance meant for you? Now that I am of a certain age; let’s say of maturity, I accept all that I am and all my imperfections. I used to complain about my big eyes, my long nose, and my big thighs. The taunting, when I was younger, didn’t help either. And the older I got, the more I found all my flaws inside and out. Finally, I understand that my body is a gift and serves me well. I embrace my features, talents, quirks, and energised personality. With self-acceptance, you let embrace your power and let go of everything that keeps you stuck in your life?
I accept that with exercise and meditation, I can improve my health and well-being; if this is what I choose. I’ve set myself free from my bondage of imperfection. I am beautiful, inside, and out. Tag a friend in this post and say, I am beautiful, and so are you.

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