Rashaad Price (Thinker/Counselor – good sense, good guidance)

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When I first heard the name Rashaad, I must admit, my mental image and the reality were miles apart. I just could not reconcile the two until Rashaad patiently explained, the story of his past and the future one he was embarking on. A couple of minutes in his company and you understood, that the name Rashaad (meaning: Thinker/Counselor) suited him perfectly.

3 Things always remained with me following my meeting with Rashaad:

  • His confidence and strength of character. I was thus never surprised when he rapidly moved into bigger and bigger roles, even in other countries. His ability to believe in himself and take risks is extraordinary and jaw-dropping (especially for those of us who like to play it safe).
  • His compassion and understanding. I was in a lift-club with Rashaad eons ago, and one day, when my baby (two-year old Amira) was not feeling well. He took me to the nursery/Baby-care, waited patiently and then dropped us home. Being a new mummy this meant the world to me. He did not have to and yet he did. Thanks Rashaad (Amira is now 17! Healthy and lovely, still the apple of my eye).
  • His love for his wife (then fiancé). I was mesmerised when Rashaad spoke about Aneesa. He made me think of the song endless love, something we all yearn for and a few of us ever find. It was so sweet to hear and see. So to Rashaad and Aneesa, thank you for inspiring us with your love-story.

Rashaad, I am sure everyone you have met is awe of you, the talented-being, husband, dad and friend.

You leave a mark on everyone you encounter and I feel privileged to have met you.


With love & light


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