Pop what makes you float

Pop what makes you float aimlessly

I’ve always known the vision for my life. Its blinked with certainty as far back as I can remember. And yes, I infused bits of it into my everyday life. But it’s as little as a tiny bite from my favourite crunchy-cookie. Simply not satisfying or enough. I allowed myself to get stuck in doing big chunks of tasks to pay the bills. Promising myself that when the time is right, I’ll do more. I’ll be in alignment with all of who I know I am. But only I didn’t.

I floated in busyness doing more and more of what I’ve outgrown. I procrastinated instead of doing what was needed to shift my reality. I allowed low energies to invade all parts of me; and hang around me like thick black clouds. Even taking a tiny step in the direction of my vision got lost in my excuses and the stuff I allowed to occupy my everyday life. I had to work 12-hour days to the point of exhaustion, with little time or energy left for well-being activities, time with me or my family. “I have no choice, “I told myself.  Now that I am a lot further from the place I once was, I know that this is simply not true.

Maybe I wasn’t ready. Maybe I needed time to grow and choose my shift with more conviction. Maybe I needed to align my intention with the universal energies; for its only then according to my favourite guru, Wayne Dyer that transformation happens.

As I floated in my frustrating reality, I got to the pain point of NO MORE. I just couldn’t carry on wishing, hoping and doing nothing. I just couldn’t float anymore. Balloons are made for celebrating not for floating our lives away.

So, I popped my floating balloons. And with my feet firmly planted on this heavenly earth I move with certainty. I take actions small or big in alignment with my vision, to make known the essence of me like the fragrance of a flower that says, “I am here.”

I am a teacher and enjoy encouraging others to pop their floating balloons and live their bliss. I know it takes courage to follow the blinking lights from our soul. We yearn for it and yet allow ourselves to be distracted and frustrated. I realised that every float took years away from me.

 And with time in limited supply, we can’t ignore doing what we desire most before our end is here. We have nothing to lose but the shackles we placed on ourselves. We can get lost in the now and live a more vibrant existence; aware of everything in need of nothing but what fills us up.  

I think we should pop these floaties and enjoy every moment of our lives with as much relish that we can pack into it.
I teach at every opportunity I get, facilitating and coaching the hallmarks, I choose to be my legacy. Being inspired and inspiring are the fuels to my amazing life. 
I am blessed with an amazing family. And I am surrounded by people who get me and support my vision. I march toward my death with a spring in my step and a swing in my hips. I will use all that I am in this lifetime.

You too can choose what’s right for you and live an inspired life.

With love and light


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