My personality story

Energetic is the word that people always use to describe my personality. Earlier in my twenties when I heard this descriptor for the first time, I thought, ‘It’s great!’

Until in one of the many personality assessments we get to do when you work in Corporate, I was described as energetic. The psychometrist said to me, “It’s not always a good thing to be described as energetic you know. It could mean that you are superficial.”

Boy did he break my heart at the time. I almost allowed this stranger with a piece of paper and a strong opinion to change my view of myself.

Over the years my energy still follows me wherever I go. It brings a grin to my face, a spring to my step, and allows me to speak with passion and joy.

Energetic is how I see myself. It is the crown jewel of my personality. Be who you are authentically. Embrace every quirk with glee.

our personality is here to serve the energy of your soul.”

With love and light


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