Personal Mastery


Get unstuck from worn-out realities, limiting beliefs and emotions that keep you from your goals & dreams

Take Massive Action to achieve your desired outcomes

Grow and Succeed Personally, Spiritually and Professionally to serve your highest calling.

Live Purposefully with joy and meaning.

WHAT IS Personal Mastery?

Personal Mastery is developing the knowledge, skills and abilities that you need to improve the quality in five main areas of you life.

Career growth

Serve your purpose

health and well being



Love, peace & Joy

spiritual growth



Wealth & Life

Personal mastery involves letting go of what keeps you stuck from transforming and achieving your deepest desires.

You will learn strategies and tools that will help you overcome limiting beliefs, emotions, self-talk, and behaviours.

You can re-program you mind, your language and your habits for success.

You can become a master in all areas of your life.

Our programs will help you

Evolve to Succeed

WHAT keeps you stuck?

Limiting beliefs

Negative attitudes / behaviours

Painful experiences

Inner critique – You’re not good enough…





Expectations from others



Comfort zones


the benefits of personal mastery

For Individuals

  • Achieve your Dreams & Goals
  • Career Growth
  • Health & Well-being
  • Prosperity (Abundance)
  • Meaningful Relationships
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Success

For Businesses

  • Employee Health & Well-Being
  • Change Resilient Staff
  • Enhanced Performance & Productivity
  • Employee Job Satisfaction
  • Engaged & Empowered staff
  • Teamwork & Collaboration

Personal mastery programs


Your Zen balance is an online program designed to help you create your unique balance. The balance that will allow you perform at your best and achieve your desired outcomes.

You will learn strategies that will help you create consistent habits towards your convictions. With commitment you will find your center and will transform the energy of your life.


This program is designed to help you live purposefully by becoming more self aware as to how you show up in the world and relate with others.

By embracing every moment that you experience with love, kindness and acceptance. Mindfulness is a practice that helps you to let go of what does not serve you, so that you can live a full life.

It also helps you manage your stress, improve your focus, resilience and performance. 

Mindfulness is an incredible employee well-being program – helping, individuals and teams relate better with one another

Spiritual oneness & Healing

Spiritual Oneness and healing is a 2-day break away retreat to help you focus on centering and aligning your mind, heart, body and soul.

Yoga, guided meditations and various energy healing modalities will be shared and experienced to help you rejuvenate your inner-being.

Our healing facilitators will guide you with your internal exploration, your healing and will help you on your path to rediscover your bliss.

More detail of this program will be posted on our event page prior to the start of the next Spiritual Oneness Retreat

How to get Unstuck & Evolve to Succeed

Are you feeling stuck in your life?

Are you yearning to make a change but don’t know where to start.

This program will help you identify and overcome obstacles that STOPS you from achieving your dreams and goals. You will re-evaluate your

  • Painful stories
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Judgments (yours and others)
  • Negative thoughts, emotions, language, and behaviours;

You will learn strategies, technologies, and tools to help you break free from what keeps you stuck. So that you can transform and manifest what you desire most in your life. This program will help you 

Evolve to Succeed

personal transformation with nlp

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming

It is a powerful technology that allows you to review your encoded programs in terms of your past experiences, your thoughts, emotions, language (i.e. self-talk and communication with others), and physiology that affects all areas of your life.

This program will teach you strategies and tools that will allow you to

  • Understand the fundamentals of NLP
  • Your Communication Model
  • How to use your goal-setter (conscious mind) and goal-getter (subconscious mind) more effectively.
  • How to use language to achieve specific outcomes
  • Ultimately it will help you achieve your goals and improve the quality of your life.

vision board workshop

This is an experiential workshop where you will participate and interact with like minded people to create your vision board with pictures, quotes and decorations.

The workshop focusses on the following:

  • Reflection exercise for clarity – your dreams & goals
  • Visualising your intentions
  • Identifying & overcoming obstacles
  • Capturing, Sharing & Committing to your Vision
  • Fun

By creating your vision you will See it, Say it, Claim it and Own it!

your ultimate career

Your Ultimate Career

Your Ultimate career is a practical workshop designed to help you explore your purpose in life, review your talents, strengths and interests.

The workshop will focus on helping you;

  • Assess and understand your personality profile, talents, strengths and development areas.
  • Understand how assessments are used in the recruitment & selection process.
  • Identify suitable career options most suited to you
  • Apply, prepare and get hired for your dream job

embracing change

Even though change is constant and never ending.

It is still the number one factor that generates the most havoc on our well-being.

Be it life changes such as loss, trauma, being fired or changes in your job or financial status. Organisational changes not managed well impacts teamwork, performance and results.

This program will help individuals, teams and business deal more effectively with changes.

It involves;

  • Understanding the change process/cycle
  • Helping you thrive in changing environments
  • Change Principles for success
  • Spiritual and NLP concepts, tools and strategies

soft skills in the workplace

This program help individuals and teams improve their intra –and- interpersonal skills (soft skills) in the workplace.

Soft skills such as EQ, Conflict Management, Communication, Resilience and Teamwork forms the basis of the training.

This program is facilitated allowing

  • Employees / learners to lead the learning process
  • Employees to solve company specific scenarios in a gamified and competition-based format.
  • Employees to demonstrate the learned intra and interpersonal skills whilst at the same time improving teamwork and collaboration.

This program assist with stress management, improving work relationships, teamwork  and performance.

This program is customised specifically for small, medium and large businesses.