Own your voice

Own your voice

Do you own your voice? Or does silence reverberate from you in the face of adversity? In challenging situations the concept of voice becomes apparent. In happier times, we melodiously give our opinions without thinking about it. We share how we feel and where we stand on a topic. “Is there ever a time to give up your voice?” I wonder.

Do you own your voice?

The manner in which you state your opinion is important. You should always speak to others in a dignified manner. I think you owe it to yourself and others to speak up. By contributing your ideas, you are part of the solution and not the problem. “Do you own your voice?”

The loudness of silence

I worked at a company where silence was the loudest sound you’d hear. With numerous pointless confrontations, the smog of silence grew. What’s worse, I joined others in their silence. I discovered that silence in the face of injustice is a slow killer. I learned that owning your voice is essential to living a full life.

The loudness of silence

Don’t strip your voice away!

Sometimes we allow others or situations to strip our voices away. We shy away from confronting issues and look the other way. It feels scary to speak up in unsafe cultures. Is silence worth the conflict that grows within you?

Two groups that go against owning your voice

I have named them the browbeaten and toxic leadership group.

1. The brow-beaten group

A group of people mistreated within an organisation. They are always criticised. As a result of this, they lose their voices, and the self-fulfilling prophecy starts to take hold of them.

Transforming the team

This group has forgotten that owning your voice is key to individual and team success. Their morale dwindles to nothing. And as a result of this, they yearn for acceptance, encouragement, and support.  The best way for this team to move forward is to overcome prejudice, speak-up, and create an action plan that transforms their reality.

Own your voice and achieve incredible results

Teams frequently pushed into a brow-beaten situation; is HR staff. It is an unfair and challenging position to face. Fortunately, our spirits always push us to greatness. On a particular day, the HR team surprised me.

Collective voices shatter the silence

They came together and started having real conversations — no more superficial nonsense. The tough questions they asked. “What are the problems we must overcome? How will we solve each issue as a team and not as an individual? The answers were respectful yet brutally honest. No one avoided conflict. The need to be a stronger and united team was more significant than their fear. They shifted and found their collective voice. Everyone in the team learned the importance of owning her voice. It takes courage to break your silence and to transform yourself and those around you.

2. The toxic leadership group.

This group is usually responsible for breeding an unhealthy culture. They believe that they are the most talented and superior group in the organisation. They humiliate their staff publicly. Witnessing this humiliation is very stressful.  They do not encourage the concept of owning your voice for them you will do as you are told.

A brave leader can help others own their voices.

Leadership awareness, mindfulness, and development are critical tools to bring about change in stressful working environments like these. It is essential that the leader acknowledges the necessary changes required in the organisation. A leader who regards his/her employees as the heartbeat of the organisation will bring about significant transformation.

Help your employees break their silence

Four reasons why it’s essential to help your employees break the silence and own their voices

1. It allows for creativity

Encouraging all the voices to work harmoniously together improves creativity, collaboration, teamwork, and high performance.  Growing a prosperous business involves encouraging creativity within your company. 

2. Superior service to clients

Employees enjoy contributing positively to the growth of the business. By getting their inputs in resolving bottlenecks will help the company streamline processes, improve quality, and render high levels of service to clients. The insights of employees are ignored to the detriment of the business.

3. Solve real problems

In robust and vibrant cultures staff speaks openly and truthfully. Unfortunately in toxic cultures, the truth is silenced. How do you solve what your business needs most with omissions? By confronting the facts, the business will achieve phenomenal results.

4. Everyone thrives

In a toxic culture, everyone is focussed on surviving and not thriving. Your exceptional talent exits the business. Many employees give up, quit, and stays. Managers spend huge amounts of time on poor performance management. By empowering your people and allowing them to thrive, you raise the performance standards of your company.

How to own your voice and feel happier at work?

What you can do to own your voice?

  1. You have nothing to lose by sharing your opinion or suggestions.
  2. Express your view for something that matters to you.
  3. State your views calmly, respectfully, and with confidence.
  4. Keep to the facts of the task or project at hand. Avoid gossip or an over-emphasis on emotions or negativity.
  5. Be truthful about where you stand concerning an issue.

What you can do to help others own their voice

  1. Listen to the views of others.
  2. Encourage and support others to express their views.
  3. Accept that even as you express your views, others may not agree with you.

My view

Owning your voice allows you to live with integrity. It will enable you to solve apparent problems with creativity and great satisfaction. It allows you to grow by challenging yourself and those around you to think outside the box. Silence in the face of injustice will dim the quality of your life.

Living your truth

It is important to live your truth. You will find not all work environments will be conducive to your well-being. I encourage you to keep searching for work environments that will allow you to thrive. Continuously develop your skills, and many companies will want to hire you. Or better yet start your own business if this is your dream.

Be brave, own your voice, and live a prosperous life.

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