Overcome what limits you

Overcome what limits you

Overcome what limits you. Yes, it does sound easier than doing it because first, you need to understand what limits you? And if it is you; how do you stop. Get clear on what you are doing that gets in your way of the success you are desperate for. One of the beliefs that stop us is thinking; “I can’t do it. I don’t have the qualification or experience to do it.” Or worse you may be thinking, “Others are already doing what I’m doing and they are better!” These thoughts could fill you with frustration and sadness; stopping you dead in your tracks from pursuing what you most want for you. You have got to overcome what limits you!

Three ways to overcome what limits you.

  1. Ask yourself what is it that I’ve always wanted. Go to the deeper part of you. Reflect and allow it to float to you from the part of you that no one knows, but you.
  2. Then ask yourself, why can’t I have it. What am I doing that is stopping me from getting to my goal? Write a long list of everything that comes to mind.
  3. Go through the list and with each one ask yourself; what beliefs do I hold that keeps me stuck and stops me from the results that I want.

You will come to realise that the only one that is stopping you is you. Once you overcome your limiting thoughts, beliefs and negative emotions; your battle is over. You will win. Sure Ego and Fear will visit you often but once you’ve learned how to win the battle; winning the war is a piece of cake. You can overcome what limits you.

How can you overcome what limits you?

NLP techniques provide you with a wide range of tools to help you understand yourself better. And it also provides you with concrete tools and practices to help you overcome what limits you. In our next blog, we’ll share more.

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