My HR Team in the Gauteng BU – anchored in my heart

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So you have all come to know me as someone with lots of energy, very talkative and the belief that everything is possible!

As positive as it sounds I know how annoying it could be, when the reality looks bleak and the task before us feels daunting. What’s even worse is that an amazing solutions is worked on but may only be ready in a couple of months. And the questions I would ask my team: 1) Is this a consistent business need in our BU and if yes, 2) until the amazing tool lands what do we do between today and then? 3) What are our options? What are the pros and cons? How do we ensure we stay aligned to our overall strategy?

We listened to the business and then brainstormed like mad. Then when all sparks flew…we knew we had to give it a go. My team would sometimes look at me with big eyes but they will not waver. We would move on time and as committed to our business as best we could (of course with fun worked into it – for the experience is what makes a difference, always).

We achieved the impossible and found a way, regardless of some of the whoops we had to jump.

We overlapped our strengths and abilities and could move as a unit.

So I just want to say to a very amazing team, who just got me and were willing to go the distance with me, thank you! You rock! You did the impossible and despite some of the klaps along the way, before the results showed! You are amazing and I am so grateful to have worked with all of you!

The names of these amazing people:

Genevieve McKenzie

Lindelwa Ntombela

Amanda Wooll

Phumi Hadebe

TK Nongauza

Liezell Brits (who was not part of my team but always roped in – a shining star)

It’s the people you work with that shapes you the most. You learn and grow from every encounter and it is the willingness and attitude to make a difference – that helps you achieve the impossible. So heartbeat to heartbeat – we tussled, learnt and grew together as a team.

I have met the most amazing people – on my journey.

So many people, so many stories – so much room in my heart! I give thanks to all of you and know you are all reaping the rewards, of all that you are! Keep touching lives my friends. This is the only way we can shower the world with love and light – and thus make it a better place!

With love and light


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