Love people and watch them blossom

Love people and watch them blossom

Show me the person who enjoys being judged and I will show you the vulnerability of every human heart. And yet even though we know the pain of being pulled apart for the way you look, speak, or behave; we continue to judge. Love people and watch them blossom.

We say things like black lives matter or white lives matter. And we forget the most important thing. All lives matter. All creatures matter. Everything on this planet and throughout the universe matters. Love brings out the best in all of us. Love people and allow them to flourish.

The healer of the destruction that judgment brings is love. So, love everyone you meet. Treat them with kindness and help them whenever you can.

We’ve all exprienced judgement. It is awful feeling small and insignificant.

“If you judge people you have no time to love them.” Let’s remember the most powerful remedy to all people and situations is love.

With love and light


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