What is Life Coaching

Coaching is a form of development in which an experienced person, called a Coach, supports a Learner or Client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training and guidance.

The client is often referred to as a Coachee

How does Life Coaching help you?

A Life Coach will help you:

  • Overcome limiting thoughts, believes and behaviours, that keep you stuck from achieving what you want.
  • Achieve your dreams and goals
  • Make career choices that is right for you
  • Improve your health & well-being; confidence, competence, relationship and prosperity goals.
  • Achieve personal and personal growth
  • Achieve high performance results
  • Improve your leadership capabilities
  • Improve your EQ and other interpersonal skills
  • Enhance the quality of your life.

But most of all a Life Coach will help you Evolve to Succeed.

The Role of the Life Coach

  • Listens actively to clients
  • Facilitates transformation for the client through verbal and non-verbal communication (questions, reflections, explanations, metaphors, tasks, guiding focus, exercises etc.)
  • Hold the client accountable for accomplishing the necessary steps to achieve identified goals
  • Assists the client to develop capabilities, achieve goals and successful results.
  • A Life Coach is trained to ask powerful questions and deliver emotionally engaging sessions that help clients discover deep insights and major breakthroughs

The best Life Coaches in the world hold space, so that you can do your best thinking.

The Role of the Client

  • Sets the agenda, identify goals to focus on and commits to the coaching process.
  • Make use of information, insights and tools to transform every area of his / her life.
  • Does the required work (tasks/assignments) to achieve successful results.

There are a number of Coaching solutions that can assist you with different areas of your life. These are the different solutions that we have to offer.

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Life Coaching

Career Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Team Coaching

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Life Coaching focuses on helping people identify and achieve personal goals through developing skills and attitudes that lead to personal mastery and success.  

Your Life Coach will:

Help you move forward and reach your personal and professional goals.

Listen, encourage and coach you through whatever challenge you may be facing to reach the outcomes you want.

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Our life Coaches are:

Are trained on various coaching techniques e.g. Coaching for growth, NLP, timeline therapy etc to help you overcome and succeed whatever challenge you may be facing.


Career Coaching focuses on helping people explore career options, making career decisions and taking action  to achieve his / her ultimate career. It helps clients achieve their professional and  performance goals.

Your Career Coach will:

Help you explore your talents, career options and decisions that will align you with your dream career.

Guide you in identifying the career of your choice; AS WELL AS with the tough decision of making a career change.

Helping you achieve your ideal Career Goal could include:

  • Strategies to overcome limiting beliefs, emotions and behaviours
  • Understanding how assessments work
  • Skills assessment (aligned to your ideal career)
  • CV writing, interviewing and presentation skills
  • Job shadowing and mentoring to help you achieve your career outcomes.

Do you need a Career Coach?

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Evolve to Succeed


Team Coaching is the process of coaching a team (including the leader) to improve how they relate  with one another; drive common goals and deliver high performance results as a unit

In the coaching process teams will understand each other better, and will support, collaborate and perform as a cohesive unit.

"High Performing teams leverage off each other’s strengths, manage conflict, and solve problems together."

The Team Coach will:

  • Guide the leader and team to unpack challenges that are prohibiting the team from high performance; And will guide the team on options that they can explore to improve the functioning of the team.
  • Coach the leader on coaching techniques for sustainable team performance.
  • Help the team define team goals, accountabilities, and measures of success to ultimate improve the resilience, productivity and performance of the team.
  • Help the team improve their;

1.Health and Well-being

2.Relationships (Intra-and-interpersonal Skills)

3.Communication Skills

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Evolve to Succeed


Leadership coaching focusses on helping leaders achieve results through the people they lead.

It helps leaders with leadership competencies, capabilities and achieving business results.

Leadership Coaching is also called business coaching or executive coaching.

Your Leadership Coach will help you address challenges in your personal and professional life that impacts on your performance as a leader.

Leadership Challenges

  • Career Transitioning
  • Performance Management
  • Team and Organisational Effectiveness
  • Delivering high results through others
  • EQ
  • Engaging with employees
  • Communication
  • Empowering employees
  • Managing personal changes
  • Leading change in business
  • Developing executive presence
  • Enhancing strategic thinking
  • Dealing effectively with conflict and
  • Other challenges
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Evolve to Succeed


Emotional Intelligence

Managing Anger / frustrations

Managing stress

Communicating emotions

Managing Change (acceptance & resilience)

Getting Unstuck

Relationship Issues

Commitment Issues

Conflicts and Conflicts Resolution


Health & Well-being

Life Challenges

Living your purpose

Career Guidance

Career selection and acquisition

Career Development

Change of Careers

Performance enhancement

Time Management

Work / life balance

Leadership Competencies

Leading and Managing people

Team Motivation

Team Coaching

Decision Making

Cultural Differences