What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a guiding process to increase your awareness, development, and actions for results. It helps you define your life goals and enable you to achieve the success that you desire in your personal and professional life.

Life Coaching spans all areas of your life such as Career, Relationships, Healing, Health-&-Wellbeing, Finances, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Personal and Spiritual growth.

As your life coach, I help you zone in on the area in your life that you would like to improve by holding a safe, supportive, non-judgmental space where you can explore options and opportunities to achieve your intended outcome. I serve as your thinking and accountability partner that guides you every step of the way as you bring your dreams and goals to life.”

Asheka Collins – Life Coach, NLP & Personal Mastery Practitioner, and Teacher

At Xperiential Factor you have a choice of Coaches that you can work with. Our mission is to help you Evolve to Succeed. We take great joy in guiding and teaching people how to create meaningful life experiences in all areas of their lives.

How do you know you need Life Coaching?

You have tried to work on your goals alone without much success. You have read many self-help books and watched many you-tube videos on how to improve your current situation, but you still feel stuck. You feel ready for a change but don’t quite know where to begin?

In exploring life coaching you have asked yourself three reflecting questions:

  1. What is keeping me from my dreams and goals?
  2. How can I let go of my fear? And limiting stories, beliefs, and behaviours that are getting in the way of my success?
  3. What can I do in the short term to achieve what I want with courage?

If this is where you are Life Coaching and Personal Mastery is what you need to help you achieve what you desire most in your life. It helps you find your clarity and allow you to put a game plan in place that will yield the results that you want. As long as you are willing to take personal responsibility for your game plan and to do the work required for transformation; you will change your life.  You will learn how to let go of limiting stories, beliefs, judgements, and fear that get in the way of your success. You will experience healing and will learn life-transforming strategies and tools that will help you achieve your goals.  

I have been where you are!

Feeling stuckI have been stuck in my life and have experienced pain. I know what you are going through which is why I am so passionate about Life Coaching, NLP Strategies and Tools, Timeline Therapy, and Personal Mastery.

In 2009 I went through a divorce, it forced me to re-evaluate who I was, and it set forth a series of positive changes that helped me enjoy my life more meaningfully today. A wonderful coach asked me questions that helped me reflect on the kind of marriage and life that I wanted. This allowed me to make a strong decision which had a positive impact on my life. This life event helped me transform my life completely. I lost over 10 kilos’, I exercised, meditated, traveled more, and experienced incredible adventures. Today, I dress and love myself better. My ex and I were both unhappy in our marriage for years and a trigger event led to us dealing with our unhappiness. Today we are friends and leading thriving lives apart. It has been over 12 years and getting a divorce is still one of the best decisions of my life.

We are always expanding and at different times along this journey, I have had to re-evaluate a painful or uncomfortable area in my life. The following are some of the things that I had to face to achieve the outcomes that I wanted:

  • Changing the focus of my career and starting my own business
  • Finding my soul mate
  • Improving my relationship with my mum
  • Improving my self-image, health, and wellbeing,
  • Finding and owning my voice

 Life events spark many things within us, and it is how we deal with it that ultimately determines the quality of our lives. It prompts you to define your goals and to go after what you want. How long you take before you get the help that you need is totally up to you. You can achieve the outcomes that you want with the help of a life coach. You do not have to go at it alone.

What does success mean for you in terms of Life Coaching?

The truth is we all want to be successful. The interesting thing is that even though our definitions of success may vary slightly from person to person, we all basically want the same things. I like the way Zig Ziglar brought the message across when he said the following.

People are basically the same the world over. Everybody wants the same things – to be happy, to be healthy, to be at least reasonably prosperous, and to be secure. They want friends, peace of mind, good family relationships, and hope that tomorrow is going to be even better than today

He goes onto say that we need joy, and to give love and to receive love. Yes! It speaks to my heart and I know it speaks to yours too.

In your pursuit of happiness, wholeness, and success, your life coach will stretch you and help you focus on the areas in your life that you’ve ignored for way too long

Life Coaching helps you zone into your Life Wheel areas

These Life Wheels are:

  • Career: Guiding you in serving your highest purpose. Helping you to successfully change your career. Guiding you in performing and excelling in your chosen career.
  • Relationships: Improving the quality of the relationships with your partner, friends, family, and colleagues. Helping you manage relationship conflict, and finding balance in your relationship with yourself and others
  • Healing: Letting go of painful experiences, embracing your story and authenticity
  • Health-&-Wellbeing: Actively improving the quality of your physical, mental, and spiritual health with diet, exercise, meditation, yoga, laughter, and fun activities.
  • Finances: Improving your financial position, growing your prosperity and abundance
  • Entrepreneurship: Starting your own business, growing, and succeeding as an entrepreneur
  • Leadership: Improving your leadership skills and capability. Helping you empower your teams and leading your people to achieve results.
  • Personal Growth: Acquiring and mastering the knowledge and skills you need to be successful
  • Spiritual growth: Growing spiritually to raise your awareness, mastering the self, and expanding. Balancing your mind, heart, body, and soul.


The Life Coaching Process in your Life Wheel

The great news is that you will always have one or two areas in your life wheel where you are excelling. Where you can stand back and appreciate your accomplishment. In the life coaching process, you will zone into the specific life wheel area that you would like to improve.

It’s the area in your life where you don’t feel happy

and it feels like it’s starting to impact the other areas in your life

In the journey of life, however, we experience curveballs in the form of our past or unexpected events or circumstances that test us. We experience triumphs but also suffer loss, pain, regret, and fear. We discover that the path to the success that we want in all areas of our lives is an evolutionary process.

By overcoming loss, the sense of being stuck, and the things that stop us from our greatness.

we set ourselves free to expand, grow, and succeed


Achieve your goals through Life Coaching

Does it feel like no matter where you go or what you do; there is a sense of restlessness? An awareness that you are not quit experiencing bliss at this point in your life.  It could be that you want to change your career or end your romantic relationship or deal with the conflict with parents and siblings or improve your health or self-image.  Whatever it is that you would like to address in your life, life coaching will help achieve the results that you want.



Emotional Intelligence

Managing Anger / frustrations

Managing stress

Communicating emotions

Managing Change (acceptance & resilience)

Getting Unstuck

Relationship Issues

Commitment Issues

Conflicts and Conflicts Resolution


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Life Challenges

Living your purpose

Career Guidance

Career selection and acquisition

Career Development

Change of Careers

Performance enhancement

Time Management

Work / life balance

Leadership Competencies

Leading and Managing people

Team Motivation

Team Coaching

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