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Letting go!

Letting go of the shackles

That holds you prisoner.

Those that limits you.

Those which makes your world small.

Where hope and faith hides.

Letting go of the shackles,

The bondage,

The restrictions

Ah relief.

It is uplifting.

It sets your spirit free.

Free to roam

With faith and hope.

Up high in the sky and beyond.

Suddenly you have no boundaries.

You can go anywhere.

Do anything.

Best of all you can be who you are, freely


Joy, passion and love

There are times in our lives when we hold on despite us knowing that it is time to let go. Times when the people we are with, the jobs we are in, no longer fill us with joy. When we are told, we have failed and that we are no longer wanted. When we are desperately unhappy and filled with fear, anger and despair. These are the times when we should let go yet despite knowing this we stay put – holding on until the pain becomes s unbearable that we have to let go despite ourselves. Other times we are cut free, when others make the decision for us and fire us or leave us. In the end it is not so bad for the place we then find ourselves was better than we imagined. The above poem was inspired by someone who’s story and anguish touched me and reminded me of times in my life when I was holding on. When it was clearly time to let go. May you all find courage to trust your instinct when it guides you to let go and to walk away; for new opportunities always open up. If we let it.

Lots of Love


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