A dragon called Hui

The lesson from Hui and the centipede

The lesson from Hui and the centipede is a Chinese story told by Chaung Tzu. It is simple yet profound. There once was a one-legged dragon called Hui. “How on earth do you manage all these legs you have?’ he asked a centipede. “I can hardly manage one!”
“Matter of fact, said the centipede, “I do not manage my legs.

This is beautiful in reminding us to walk with faith, knowing that we are never alone. We are always guided on our path, and when we believe and keep faith it all works out magically. Things are not as difficult or insurmountable as we perceive them to be.

We come from the Source of all Creation. Whether you call the source, the Universe, the Supreme Mind, Infinite Intelligence, or God (my preference).

We have all been created perfectly; and practically all our physiological functions and processes are automatic. You do not have to think about beating your heart, filling your lungs with air or the intricate work of your nervous system. It is all done for us.

And yet when it comes to our dreams; the soft whispers that never stop. We forget to trust that what we imagine has been deemed for us. We forget to trust the knowing that reveals our dreams to us. We forget to trust ourselves for we are part of the divine are we not?


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