Leader, why must you be a bully?

“Enough already! With the ego trip and humiliating others publicly. What gives you the right to treat people so badly!” these are the words I want to say to every terrible leader who thinks that just because they have a big title, they can behave like tyrants. I am stumped that in this century after so much progress has been made on the leadership-development-front that these kinds of leaders still exist! We deal with them all the time. They are rude and get a power trip from belittling others.

Well I have just had enough of this!

These leaders think that just because they are regarded as intelligent that this gives them a right to display their poor emotional and spiritual intelligence. They speak about values and do the opposite. They wield the stick and think that it is enough to achieve great results. They infect the rest of their leadership team to show up just as badly, infiltrating the entire organization and making the culture one of strife and pain.

Well I have news for you Mr. Bully, paying high salaries cannot be bartered for someone’s soul or happiness. What will make your business great is not the empty building you operate from, nor the products you try to sell or even the service you want to provide. It is the people you employ who helps you make your business one of great value. Treat people right, with kindness, respect and appreciation and your company will go to extraordinary.

You see intellectual property is embedded in the people you have or want to hire. You don’t add to them they already have great skills and abilities to help any company be successful. In this century people have a choice of who they want to work for or where they want to work. No one wants to work for a terrible boss. No one wants to be abused, bullied or humiliated. It’s most definitely not the thing that gets me up in the morning.

You may think that you are the cleverest most powerful person, but people today can choose whether they want to work for you or not.

Sadhguru says that is true that with intelligence you can achieve 50% to 60% of your life’s aspirations. But it is only when you manage your life’s energies that you can achieve 100% of your life’s aspiration. So, emotional intelligence and spiritual intelligence are critical in transforming the way you lead whether you lead a company or yourself.

You can transform the way you lead invest the time in learning how to show up and get the best out of your people. It doesn’t mean that you do not have tough conversations, but it does mean the way you lead is in a principled manner. Stop your nonsense and be great. You deserve it and so do others.

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