Landing my goals in the glow of achievement

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Time is marching on,

all my goals are flashing;

like big blinking stars.

At first I thought,

I can only strive for one

goal at a time but …

The voice in my  heart

knows different.

You are strong & healthy,

Why not bring them all in;

to land in the glow of achievement.

Step by step

through purposeful action,

thoughts changes from

visions into reality.

Sometimes the only limitations that exist are the ones we set for ourselves. Sometimes you need to have the courage to listen and act on the melody only you hear 🙂 I love the poem nonconformity (from Walden) written by Henry David Thoreau. It inspires me to write poetry and more like above. Everyone’s music and beat is different and when we have the courage to be it – beautiful music is heard “Everywhere”.

Lots of Love


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