Kick-butt HR Tools – thanks to Almari Meyer

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And the award

For the best Development HR tools I got to work with at Nedbank goes to Almari Meyer.

I have found that along my HR journey some tools, you inherited, some tools you wished you could get rid of (they are annoying to use and worse to implement). But then comes along Kick-butt HR tools that you as an HR Professional enjoys learning about and the implementation feels like a party. The results is like a Jam Alley show, obvious. All because the tools, speak to the need in the business, it is more than practical in training and back in the work place…And here is the kicker. It is fun!!!

It raises the spirits of everyone, the training facilitators, the learners, everybody. And it is used and applied.

Almari and her team worked with business, HR and awesome vendors to bring these tools into the business. When I was sent on training courses, I thought “What! You kidding me, heaven is smiling on me.” I always believed that learning had to be fun and practical. Best part for us in HR is when the learners do the work with the application. All we could do is match the need with the design and implement it – learning takes place at the individual level, then team, then business level. So to find compelling tools that have knock-out results …incredible.

Some of my favourite Kick-butt tools:

  • Café Conversations – Best facilitation tool that involve everyone to identify key issues and find solutions. Bringing in all the voices (Benjamin Zander) – of course the toolkit is a must to have.
  • Team Effectiveness – based on the 5 Dysfunctions of a team. This was designed to fit and Almari worked with Maurice Lancaster and co to come up with an amazing intervention.
  • Campers, climbers and quitters – It builds on team effectiveness. In a fun way to gauge where everyone is at and to encourage everyone further up the mountain.
  • HBDI – which I know I liked but some people outgrew.
  • Coaching (Coaching for growth) – Individual, team, peer and career level. The concept is simple to use and practice is what make this tool come alive. Some leaders just got it and used it to coach their management teams to new heights. A tool I really liked 🙂

There tools ranked in my top 10. There were many other tools I did not mention but you get the idea. Almari and her team rocked even though at times some people steam rolled ahead (we’ll not mention names 🙂 , sorry Almari).

The shadow though – is that if you implement too many tools in too short a period, it has adverse effect on the business and we as HR said this to business consistently. We were though always amazed at the demand for more tools. Sometimes we consistently had to remind the business to consistently practice with the tools they have, and that they would get the desired results. Throwing too many tools at the same head, you can just imagine is not the knock-out you are hoping for.

But there is always two ways to learn, you either see the light or feel the heat 🙂

Enjoy learning and growing.

With love and light


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