Still, I Rise by Maya Angelou

Still, I Rise, is one of my favourite poems by Maya Angelou. Often when life feels hard and it feels that things are not quite going my way, I read this poem. I gain the strength and courage to do what I must with confidence. I have shared this poem many times and the feedback has always been as inspiring as the poem. So, I encourage you to keep rising.

May this poem lift you today and always, to tackle all your dreams with gusto. Just repeating these words, “Still I rise” gives me super courage. Keep your moon-shot dream insight and rise, rise and rise. The lessons will be invaluable and the growth you’ll gain extraordinary.

Just know that as long as you keep rising from whatever life throws your way. Victory is certain. Everything you need to succeed is within you. And when you feel a little low, take inspiration from Maya’s poem, Still, I rise.

Wishing you love and light


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